• Instructions for downloading or accessing STOPit are found in the linked slideshow on this webpage. In the slideshow you will find the school passcode which is required to access the Petaluma High School STOPit page. 

    How does the STOPit work?

    1. Students log in using an App or through the STOPit website.

    2. They enter a passcode that is determined by the school site

    3. Following prompts on their screen, students can submit a report. They will be prompted with a few clarifying questions and then will type their report.

    4. Students can also update images and videos as supporting evidence.

    5. Once they submit the report, PHS administration (Principal or Assistant Principals will be prompted through email.

    What does the school staff see?

    1. This is the landing page. New reports will show up here. 

    Landing Page

    2. This is the incidents page. You can see that no user names are listed. When a user submits a report, an automatic user number is generated by STOPit. 

    Incidents List

    3. The incident detail page is where the staff members can make notes, assign the report to other staff (i.e. counselor, teachers, etc.) or message the reporting user. The messenger allows the staff to communicate with the reporting student to ask clarifying questions or to support the student through their problem. 

    Incident Page

    Who should use STOPit?

    This app is for all students to use as needed. We recommend any emergencies be discussed with your parents or reported to the police. 

    Why should we use STOPit?

    Our hope with this program is to allow a safe place for students to anonymously share their concerns of social and mental well-being. We want students to use this when they need help and aren't ready or comfortable to do it in person. Students using this app should take their reporting seriously. It can be used to vent frustrations, to support a person in need or to communicate concerns with things happening in the classroom or on campus. Regardless of the reason, students should know that the person responding is doing so with the best interest of those involved. 

    How do we know if something should be reported to STOPit or to the school directly?

    This is a personal choice. If you are concerned about a student's well-being it is recommended that you contact a staff member directly for the quickest service. Anonymity can be protected even when reporting something directly to a staff member at the school.  If your concern is not an emergency, the STOPit App is a good resource to seek help or to bring awareness to a topic. 

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