• STOPit Anonymous Reporting App Information


    Access Code = bighouse

    The STOPit app comes preloaded with tools to report online harassment, bullying and to help friends in need. Using this app gets you direct contact with school staff. It is completely anonymous to protect the reporter.

    All students should know that making a face to face report with teachers, counselors, office staff or administration is still available and will always be available. In person reporting is still the most effective way, all reports remain anonymous.

    We understand that coming to a staff member can be intimidating. The STOPit Anonymous Reporting App is designed to help all students have a safe way to communicate with CGHS staff.

    You can find additional resources in the Launch Kit.

    So How Do I Get the App?

    It's Easy! Download the app at home. Use the CGHS code: bighouse

    Download on the App Store

    Get it on Google Play

    Access Instructions for STOPit on your Computer:

    1. Go to the STOPit website at https://appweb.stopitsolutions.com/login
    2. Enter the access CGHS access code bighouse and click "Next"
    3. Read and accept the "Terms and Conditions" 
    4. Please be authentic when submitting your report. Try to include as many facts as possible. 
    5. Please view these Video Resources to learn more about the app.