• Petaluma High School is committed to support all students and their needs, while providing a safe and effective learning environment. In an effort to build trust within our community, we have developed this resource hub for students.

    In this hub we will provide transparent information about the STOPiT app and how students use the app and how our school staff recieves these annonymous reports. In addistion to the STOPit app information, we will make an attempt to provide as much clarity to the process when a student report is submitted either in person or annonomously through STOPiT. 

    An additiontal feature to this hub will be accessible mental health and social emotional resources that may be used by students without Adult intervention. These resources are made available through our MFT counselers and from a new resource we aquired called Atlas. 

    We hope the information on this webpage become a useful resource for the students who need the support.