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    Petaluma High School is committed to supporting all students and their needs while providing a safe and effective learning environment.

    In an effort to empower our school community, we have developed this Social Wellness Hub for students to access a variety of social wellness resources without the direct involvement of PHS staff or parents/guardians.  We hope the information on this webpage becomes a useful resource for those who need support.

    With guidance from students we have determined 3 areas of focus for support: 

    Connections: This section is designed with the intention of helping students stay connected with friends, teachers, and school staff. We have also included tools and resources to help with organization and technology with school related topics. 

    School Resources: The school resources section was created with the intention of providing several self-guided resources for students to use as a way to get help or self discover. 

    Crisis Resources: Our goal is to provide resources to support a wide variety of social and mental wellness needs. These resources are available for all who are experiencing a moment of crisis and/or thoughts of suicide. 


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School Resources

  • Atlas - Atlas is a social wellness app that provides podcast-like videos on a variety of social wellness topics. Students only need to download the app and select Petaluma High School to access this resource.

  • MFT Self Referral - This is a google form for students to self refer themselves for Mental Health counseling services. 

  • Gale Pages - Gale Pages is a digital library of resources ranging in topics. Students access e-books and other literary resources. We highlight the Cameron's Collection resources which are all centered around the topics of Social Wellness and Mental Health. These resources are obtained by students anonymously for their privacy. 

  • PHS School Counselors Website - This is a link to our Counseling webpage. This web page has many resources and direct contact information for your school counselor. 

  • STOPit provides simple, fast, and powerful anonymous reporting via the STOPit Mobile App, Web & Hotline. STOPit Messenger enables anonymous, 2-way dialogue between administrators and reporters in real-time—course correcting issues before they turn into emergencies. 

    For emergency situations, please contact the school directly at 778-4652 or call 911.

  • Incident Report - The digital incident report is a direct report to school administration. Students filing an incident report are required to include their name and specific information for admin to support them. For emergency situations, please contact the school at 778-4652 or call 911. 

  • StudentSquare is a communication tool very similar to ParentSquare. Students are encouraged to download the StudentSquare App to help them keep positive communication with their teachers and for important information for the school. 

Crisis Resources

  • Crisis

    Text Hello to 741741 to connect with a crisis counselor. 



    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you and your loved ones, and best practices for professionals. 1-800-273-8255

Social Wellness Blog


    Posted by Giovanni Napoli on 3/23/2021

    PHS Hybrid FAQs

    Will we have the same schedule as distance learning?

    • The Distance Learning committee has developed a plan to keep the same bell schedule for hybrid as we have for distance learning, with the exception of Wednesdays. The Wednesday schedule is still being worked out, but class time will still happen between 8:45 and 12:15. 

    Can we go on campus to take certain classes in person and the rest at home?

    • No, the student’s decision for Hybrid Learning or Distance learning will be for all of their classes. 

    Will all the teachers be going back to school?

    • All of our teachers have been asked to return to campus for Hybrid instruction. We know that some teachers have personal health concerns as well as familial concerns as some live in multi-generational homes. Prior to Hybrid instruction starting, we will know which teachers are returning and which are not.

    How many kids will be in class?

    • Depending on the number of students who are choosing to come back for Hybrid learning, we will determine the number of students attending each class so that all people in the room can be socially distanced. 
    • Our measurements indicate that we can have a maximum of 16 students in each classroom. In PE, we can have a maximum of 20 students per class.

    How will passing period work?

    • Expectations for passing periods will be that all students must be moving to their next class. We are not allowing students to congregate on campus.  
    • Bathrooms will be available during passing periods, but each bathroom has a maximum occupancy to avoid crowding. We will recommend that students use the restroom facilities closest to their next classroom.

    What if we start off deciding to go to school and then decide that we don’t want to go anymore? 

    • If you start in Hybrid and make a decision to return to Distance Learning, you can do this by reaching out to your counselor or an administrator. 
    • If you start in Distance Learning and you want to return to Hybrid, you can do this by reaching out to your counselor or an administrator. 

    What happens if I get sick or have COVID symptoms?

    • If you have any symptoms, you will be required to stay home and not return to campus until you have a doctor's note to clear you for return. Our school staff will contact you for further directions. During this time, you will be expected to attend school in Distance Learning. 

    What are the rules on social distancing? 

    • All school rules will apply. 
    • Social distancing rules include the following:
    1. At all times, students will be asked to maintain a 6 foot distance from each other.
    2. Masks must be worn at all times when on campus. Including in outdoor settings. 
    3. In class you must wear your mask. You can adjust it as necessary to drink water, but the mask must be kept on and returned to covering your face when you have finished. 
    4. Cleaning or sanitizing your hands prior to entering a new classroom is expected. 
    5. Any action that creates an unsafe environment will result in a conference with school staff that could lead to your removal from Hybrid Learning and back to Distance Learning. 

    What is the classroom setup?

    • Students will be organized to sit in an assigned seat. Each seat will be spread out in class to maintain a 6 foot distance from the next student and teacher. Teachers will be at the “front” of the classroom so they can screen share and Zoom with the students in distance learning. 
    • Teachers will be able to move around the classroom as necessary, but will maintain social distancing.

    What happens if I don’t wear a mask?

    • Any action that creates an unsafe environment will result in a conference with school staff that could lead to your removal from Hybrid Learning and back to Distance Learning.  

    Will everyone who goes back to school have to have a vaccine?

    • All staff will have had the opportunity to receive a vaccination prior to the start of Hybrid Learning. As of right now, vaccines are not being provided for students 15 and younger. 

    What about students with off periods? happens if a student has an off period in the middle of the school day?

    • Students with off periods 1st/4th or 3rd/6th are to be campus only during their scheduled classes. Students with a late start should arrive within 15 minutes of their first class. Students with an early release should leave immediately after their last class.
    • Students with an off period in the middle of the day (2nd / 5th) must remain on campus. A set location will be determined for them.
    • No students will be allowed to remain on campus in another teacher’s classroom. 

    Will siblings be in the same group if they go to different schools (i.e. one at PHS and one at PJHS)? 

    • Unfortunately we cannot guarantee this. Siblings at the same school will receive a priority to be in the same sessions, but class schedules may prevent us from ensuring this will happen.

    Should teachers be given masks to ensure everyone is equally protected?

    • All staff will be provided masks and gloves or they can choose to bring their own. 
    • All staff will also be required to wear a mask at all times when on campus. 
    • Additional masks will be available on campus.

    Can a student schedule a meeting with a teacher during Academic Time if they aren’t participating in hybrid learning?

    • Yes, you can schedule a time to meet with your teachers regardless of whether you are in Distance Learning-only or Hybrid learning.

    Who made the decision about what in-class learning is going to look like?

    • Teachers, Counselors, School Administrators and District Administrators created a committee to focus on developing the best possible schedule and practices for all students and staff. 

    Will students be allowed to stay on campus after 3rd/6th period?

    • No. All students will be expected to leave campus at 12:15 PM. Academic time will be only through Distance Learning. 

    How will lunches work?

    • We will have grab and go lunches available for all students. You do not need to sign up in advance. Lunches will be set up at each exit when students leave campus. 
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  • What advice would you give to a student in 9th grade?

    Posted by Students on 3/23/2021

    What advice would you give to a student in 9th grade?



    • The advice that I would give to myself in 9th grade is to make sure to stay on top of school work and not procrastinate.
    • To not procrastinate and high school goes by fast, don't wait last minute to accomplish your goals.
    • Take high school seriously and spend more time studying.
    • I would give myself advice including, how school is important and don't fall behind in class work because if you fall behind it is tough to get back on track. Missing school is another one you should try to miss as little school as possible and keep your grades up because if you have low grades there are so many things you can't do.
    • I would probably tell myself to focus more and listen to your teachers. I say this because it directly affects your grades. I also would tell myself to try to be more motivated about school. I feel like I have struggled with all of this throughout highschool so It would have been nice to know in advance even though it is a very simple concept.
    • To work hard and enjoy school
    • Work on time management and just get your work done 
    • My advice for anyone in 9th grade is that doing your homework in class the day it's given or at the end of school makes the biggest difference stress wise. 
    • I'd tell myself to focus on school and try a little bit harder than I did, I think it most likely would've helped me down the line and kept my grades better than they were.
    • To stay on top of all of my assignments to keep up my grades.
    • Learn how to ask for help and to work on time management 
    • I would give my 9th grade self advice to put more effort in school so it can benefit me in the future



    • Get more involved with school things, you won't look weird
    • I'd give the advice to pick classes that help me in the future and to wave HI & business. I also would give advice that it's okay to ask for help.
    • The advice I would give is to play a sport. That's how I met so many friends and overall had a really great time. It helps socially and mentally gives you something to do.


    Peer Relationships

    • Don't focus on what other think of you.
    • Probably to be yourself and to not stress out freshman too much in high school
    • The advice I would give to the 9th grade version of myself is to not underestimate myself and my advice for others would be to let go of people that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself possible. 
    • Don't be afraid to expand your circle, don't feel obligated to stay with the same friend group. 
    • I would tell myself not to be so nervous and live life a little more. Take advantage of time with your friends before it's gone.
    • Put yourself out there and socialize but don't let socializing take over your study time.
    • If I were able to give my 9th grade advice to myself it would be to stay true to those who care for you, go with your gut when making decisions, and to know your worth.
    • If I could give students coming into high school fresh out of middle school I would tell them a few things, but I feel like most importantly is to have an open line of communication with your parents, even if it isn't stuff you aren't proud of. Secondly is stay away from nicotine no matter what.


    Enjoying the moment

    • Advice I would give to my younger self is just to live in the moment and not worry too much about every little detail about school and life in general. 
    • Advice I would give to freshmen is live in the moment and don't worry too much about the little things because you only get one shot at high school and you don't want any regrets. Especially with covid and distance learning, just take everything little and don't stress about the small stuff.
    • Oh where do I start,  there's so many things I would tell my 9th grade self.  The main thing would be to take it easy,  not rush the process of learning because it would make my life a lot easier in the future.  Also, to not be so rough on myself for not understanding something and just ask for help instead of suffering in silence.
    • Take classes that interest you, not just classes that are easy. 
    • enjoy every moment of high school, and make all your mistakes now before you make them later.
    • i would tell myself to enjoy 9th grade because it only gets harder from there 
    • I would tell myself that high school goes by really fast and to enjoy being an underclassman. I would also warn myself about COVID-19.
    • Dress how you want and think for yourself. Spend time/hang out with those who make you happy. Be true to yourself and others. Don't be fake. Also, take more "risks" and don't hold back from doing what you want. I wish I knew this when I was a freshman.



    • I would tell myself to try and not overthink everything.
    • Your time in high school will go by super quick so have fun and do good.
    • I would tell myself to try and not overthink everything
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  • Suggestions from Students on How to Communicate with Teachers

    Posted by Erin Dinday on 2/5/2021 2:00:00 PM

    What strategies have you used to stay in communication with your teachers?

    • I use email to stay in communication with my teachers. 
    • I leave a class comment in Google Classroom. 
    • If I have a question in class, I will send a quick chat message in Zoom.
    • I try to join separate breakout rooms in order to ask specific questions.
    • I usually sign up for office hours.
    • I ask questions in class.
    • I've gotten more used to using Student Square to communicate with my teachers.
    • I always email them at a time I know they are on their computers. 
    • I schedule a meeting with them about something I'm struggling with prior to its due date.
    • I check my email multiple times a day to make sure I'm not missing anything important.
    • I use Remind and Calendly to meet with teachers.
    • I make sure to check in with at least one teacher a week through office hours.
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  • Suggestions from Students on How to Track Your Goals and Achievements

    Posted by Erin Dinday on 2/5/2021 2:00:00 PM

    How do you track your personal and school goals or accomplishments?

    • I usually have some kind of book to remind me of what accomplishments I have earned/reached.
    • I write them down on notes in my phone and I set reminders and alarms to do my assignments.
    • I have a planner for my school stuff and a journal where I write down my main goals. 
    • I would like to make a vision board for my college room so I can stay motivated and inspired on my goals.
    • I track things by writing things down and trying to stay as organized as possible. When I write anything down whether it is for school or personal, I feel more motivated to get it done just so I can cross it off my list and feel productive.
    • I usually wake up and remind myself what I need to do that day to accomplish my dream. 
    • I  walk every day to think of what I can do next to help me grow and become more independent.
    • I have an agenda and a planner where I write down all my goals and homework.
    • I like to tell people about my goals. It keeps me motivated because people ask me how it’s going. 
    • I constantly check my grades, stay up to date on my paychecks from work and the balance in my bank account, and I treat myself to something such as shopping or buying something I've wanted when I feel as if I've earned it.
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  • Petaluma Health Center's - School Based Clinics

    Posted by Giovanni Napoli on 1/26/2021

    Petaluma Health Center’s school-based clinics have gone virtual!

    The following services are available and free to all students:
    • Birth control counseling and methods, including long-acting reversible contraceptives
    • Emergency contraception
    • Pregnancy tests
    • Sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment

    All family planning services are confidential. That means we cannot tell your parents that we provided these services for you unless you give us permission.

    Confidential services are available from the convenience of your mobile device via WebEx! Our
    WebEx video schedule is open on Mondays and Thursdays. No appointment necessary in advance.

    Download Cisco WebEx Meetings on your smartphone today and use the free app to access care on Mondays and Thursdays using the information below.

    Mondays 1:30pm-4:30pm with Sean Upton

    Access Code: 929 158 777

    Thursdays 1:30pm-4:30pm with Melissa Wong

    Access Code: 926 245 099

    Click "Join Meeting" and then enter the access code for Sean’s confidential waiting room on Mondays or
    Melissa’s confidential waiting room on Thursdays.

    For any questions, please call: 707-559-7500

    Petaluma Health Center for Students

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  • Suicide Prevention Brochure (English/Spanish)

    Posted by Giovanni Napoli on 1/14/2021
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  • Mental Health Suggestions From Students

    Posted by Giovanni Napoli on 12/3/2020

    What can people do to take their mind off things?

    • Cleaning house
    • Organizing personal space - Feels like something you can control
    • Exercise
    • Keep busy - Writing, cleaning, etc. 
    • Make a list so you can track your accomplishments for the day. 
    • Set goals
    • Depression - Making your bed everyday, gives peace of mind. 
    • If you get sad or have anxiety, get out of your room to displace your feelings. 
    • Meditation
    • Listening to Music
    • Walk around the neighborhood
    • Get a pet
    • Coloring Book
    • Facetime Friends and Family
    • Try to take breaks. Get fresh air.
    • Counsel friends

    What can people do to help friends?

    • You can start facetime or do it more often
    • Texting each other
    • Playing video games 
    • Going out to play catch or something active, walk the dog together, go for a hike, bikes, etc. 
    • Going out to eat
    • Ask how they are doing
    • Counsel friends
    • Let them know you see them
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  • Alateen Group

    Posted by Giovanni Napoli on 12/2/2020

    If you or someone you know struggles with the problems of alcoholism, then you know how difficult it may be to find a way to cope on your own. Alateen, part of the Al-Anon Family Groups, is a fellowship of young people whose lives have been affected by alcoholism in a family member of close friend. We help each other by sharing our experience, strength and hope.

    Alateen Poster

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