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    Accounting | 9-12 | A - G approved, math/science related credit, SRJC articulated
    College business majors are required to take accounting. Be prepared for higher education and to succeed in life. Accounting and finance professionals are needed to analyze, prepare and communicate complex financial transactions. Here students learn the fundamental skill used in business and the basic bookkeeping systems needed by everyone as a life skill. Content covered includes the traditional manual system, software applications include Peachtree, Excel, and QuickBooks. This course meets the subject area - g of the UC/CSU approved course list. This course meets the related Math / Science requirement for graduation. Articulation with SRJC credit through exam.

    Advanced Accounting | 9-12 | math/science related credit, SRJC articulated  

    This course builds on the knowledge gained in Accounting I and introduces more corporate accounting techniques. The course will prepare the student for entry-level positions in the accounting field or for advanced study of accounting in college. This course meets the Math / Science related requirement for graduation. (Teacher permission required)

    AP Computer Science | 10-12 | A-G approved |Prerequisite - Passing grade in Math 2
    AP Computer Science A teaches object-oriented programming using the Java language and is meant to be the equivalent of a first semester, college-level course in computer science. Students will learn to design and implement computer programs that solve problems relevant to today’s society, including art, media, and engineering. It will emphasize problem-solving and algorithm development, and use hands-on experiences and examples so that students can apply programming tools and solve complex problems. The course will cover the fundamentals of programming syntax and methodology using the Java programming language. In the first semester, students focus on the basic building blocks of computer science and programming tools. Topics include control structures, primitive and class data types such as arrays and Strings, methods, and recursions. In the second semester, students learn how to manipulate data to create more sophisticated programs, with topics including class design, algorithm development, and user-defined data types. Students also prepare for and take the end-of-course AP Exam. Although passing Math 2 or Intro to Computer Science is a prerequisite; passing Math 3 (Algebra 2) or higher is strongly recommended. This course meets the subject area - g requirement for the UC/CSU approved course list and meets the Math/Science Related requirement for graduation.

    Personal Finance (Business Math) | 11-12 | Math/science related credit

    This project-based course focuses on the mathematical and critical thinking skills that help students become financially educated consumers, informed citizens, and valued employees. Students will manage personal cash flow, formulate a personal budget, understand wages and taxes, research careers and salaries, read financial reports, and understand interest calculations. Students will also use Google Sheets/MS Excel to complete financial reports. This course meets the Math requirement for graduation.

    Entrepreneurship | 11-12 | A-G approved
    Entrepreneurship teaches students how to start and operate a small business. Students will identify characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. They will learn about the costs of running a business, marketing their business and keeping good financial records. They will identify customers and learn how to effectively market and sell to those customers. Students will decide on a business they are interested in starting and will apply all of their knowledge to their real situation, including writing a business plan. We will have guest speakers and connect with the Petaluma community. Students will also help run the PHS Student Store Troy’s. This course meets the subject area - g requirement for the UC/CSU approved course list.

    Graphic Design | 9-12 | A-G approved, Visual and Performing Arts Credit
    This is an introductory design course which will stress the use of pictorial illustration for visualization and communication. Students will develop an understanding of the basic design elements and principles, composition and typography through exercises and projects. The focus is on visual thinking, exploring the relationship between type and image, and developing multiple solutions to a given problem. Digital images will be produced using a variety of computer technologies, including: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. This course meets the subject area - f requirement for the UC/CSU approved course list and meets the Visual Performing Arts requirement for graduation.

    Introduction to Business | 9 | Foundational Course for High School
    This class is designed for college and career readiness combined with the tools needed to succeed in high school. Academic preparation with employer demanded soft-skills (work ethic, time management, goal setting, teamwork, problem-solving, positive attitude, self-confidence, and persistence), technical skills to problem solve (cloud computing, MS Office, etiquette for digital and written correspondence, professional presentations, and skilled touch typing) and in-depth personal interest/skill exploration and research for both post-secondary and career, make this a necessary foundational course for all freshmen.

    Introduction to Computer Science |10-12| Prerequisite: grade of C or better in Math 1
    An interactive introductory course for students new to programming that teaches the foundations of computer science, problem-solving strategies, and software design. Not only will this course prepare students for AP Computer Science A, but it will teach students how to think computationally and solve complex problems, skills that are important for every student. This course is taught using Python, which is a programming language great for beginners. It is most praised for its elegant syntax and readable code, and it's quite powerful. Python is used by many large organizations (Google and NASA for example) to do just about everything from building apps, analyzing data, system administration, and so much more. Course topics include: Computer Science, Big Data, Algorithms, Cybersecurity, Game Development and Graphics. This course meets the subject area - g requirement for the UC/CSU approved course list and meets the Math/Science Related requirement for graduation.

    Journalism | 9-12 | A-G approved
    Students in this course will produce the school newspaper, The Trojan Tribune. This includes reporting, writing, advertising, ethics and responsibility of the media along with design and layout of the paper. Successful leaders are made in journalism as they run all facets of newspaper management to report the news of the school community and issues and events of concern to the students. This course meets the subject area - g requirement for the UC/CSU approved course list.

    Legal Studies | 11-12 | A-G approved
    Come learn how to use your voice to make changes in the government that runs our lives, and how to understand and use the rights and responsibilities guaranteed to citizens of the United States. From marriage and family, contracts and insurance, criminal behavior, workplace rights, searches and seizures and just who can go in your locker and purse - come see law in action. Group and class interaction provide opportunities to discuss current events and act out and interpret legal cases. Connect everyday rules and regulations to your life! Students may transfer in at the semester. This course meets the subject area - g requirement for the UC/CSU approved course list.

    Yearbook | 9-12 | Visual and Performing Arts Credit
    Be part of one of the biggest school publications in Northern California! Use photography skills to capture the school spirit, write stories expressing feelings around campus, and design page layouts that will continue our award-winning tradition. Students must be willing and able to spend time outside classroom hours to produce the book. Students will learn directly transferable work-place skills of design, selling, teamwork, meeting deadlines, and ability to work independently This course meets the Visual Performing Arts requirement for graduation.

    3D Animation | 9-12 | A-G approved, SRJC articulated
    This course will explore the fundamentals of 3D Animation using 3D Studio Max. Basic 3D navigation and modeling will be covered. The course will also explore topics such as lighting and material creation. Students will develop problem-solving skills, modeling, animation, and rendering skills. Students will learn traditional animation skills in the areas of storyboarding, character design, animation theory, and camera layout. This course meets the subject area - f requirement for UC/CSU approved course list and meets the Visual Performing Arts requirement for graduation. Articulation with SRJC credit through exam.

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