• Hybrid Learning

    Based on updated guidance from the CA Dept of Public Health (Jan. 14, 2021), elementary schools can reopen for hybrid learning (a combo of in-person & distance learning) while in the Purple Tier once case rates are below 25 a day per 100,000 county residents. Secondary schools can reopen once the county has reached the Red Tier (case rate of less than 7 a day per 100,000 county residents).

    The PCS Board of Education Meeting set hybrid learning reopening dates for both elementary and secondary schools. As we move into hybrid, families can opt to remain in distance learning if that is their preference.

    Monday, April 12, 2021
    Scheduled hybrid start date for:

    • All transitional kindergarten through sixth grade (TK-6) students
    • Identified 7-12 grade English Language Development (ELD) and
    • Identified 7-12 grade Special Education cohorts classes. 

    Monday, April 19, 2021*
    Scheduled hybrid start date for all other 7-12 grade students, including MCCV 6-8 middle grade students.

    *Pending county move into the Red Tier


    Secondary Family Survey of Instructional Model Preference

    We are currently surveying families with secondary students on their preference of participating in hybrid instruction (2 days per week of in-person instruction & 3 days per week of distance learning from home) or remaining in distance learning instruction from home only.

    The survey is due by Friday, Mar. 12, 2021 by midnight.

    Families should complete one survey for each secondary student.

    Survey results will be analyzed and student learning teams will be created. Students will be assigned to one of the following teams:

    • Team 1 (in-person instruction on M & Th; distance learning from home on T, W, & F)
    • Team 2 (in-person instruction on T & F; distance learning from home on M, W, Th)
    • Distance Learning Only (distance learning from home every day of the week)

    Student class schedules will remain intact. Priority for siblings to be on the same learning team and attend on the same days will be considered unless otherwise requested.

    We STRONGLY encourage you to review the secondary Hybrid Learning Resources located below on this webpage as a family, if you haven't yet, BEFORE you complete the survey—especially if you were unable to join the webinar as we reached our attendee limit of 1,000 participants.

    You can access the survey using the following links: