• McKinley is proud to offer Before and After Care to our TK and Kinder families.

     ***The complete McKinley Care Handbook can be found here.***

     A typical day at McKinley Care might look like this:

    ● Students arrive and are signed in by a staff member. Students place their
    possessions in a cubby or other assigned place and are offered a quiet place to work on
    homework or play outside (weather permitting). Ipads are to stay in backpacks unless
    students arrange to do homework with staff permission.

    ● At approximately 2:45 will be snack time (family provided.) Students, if they
    have signed up, have the option of a structured activity such as Board Games, Art,
    Freeze Dance, uncompetitive games, or traditional games.

    ● The balance of the afternoon is spent with the continuation of the games,
    homework, free play, and social time with friends.

    ● On Fridays, minimum or rainy days a movie option may be available for kids who
    may be overstimulated.


    McKinley Child Care is available exclusively to students of McKinley Elementary School
    TK and Kindergarten (Boys and Girls club provides care for 1-8)

    ***The Enrollment form can be found here.***


    We are open on days Mckinley is in session. Our hours are 7:15 AM to the start of
    the school day, the end of the school day until 5:30 PM. If the school is closed for an
    emergency or disaster situation, McKinley Care will also be closed.


    Morning Care: $5.00/day

    Morning care will take Place at PPNS. Please bring a morning snack for your child.
    Please note that the children begin walking to class at 8:30. Please do not drop your
    child with us to walk over you will be charged $5.00 if it's just 5 minutes of care.

    We also provide morning care for 1st-8th grade in the Boys and Girls clubhouse on the
    corner of Ellis and Madison.

    After Care: 5 days: $55 (for the week) 4 days: $45 (for the week) 3 days: $36
    (for the week) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 2:00- 5:30 and Wednesday
    11:45 - 5:30

    After school care will take place in the kinder yard or room 13 for the first hour and
    then will move at 2:30 (1:00 on Wednesdays) to the PPNS building, located by our back
    parking lot at 810 Madison St. Please note that on rainy days, after-school care will
    move immediately to the PPNS building. There is no drop-in daycare you will need
    to tell us the days that you will come when you sign up. Even if you do not
    come you will still pay. NO PARKING IN THE STAFF PARKING LOT

    Our staff puts a great deal of energy into our day. With that in mind, we ask that your
    Students are picked up on time. Our late pickup fees are as follows:

    ● 1st late pick-up after 5:30 PM - $1 every minute per child

    ● 3rd or more late pick-up after 5:30 PM - $2.00 every minute per child

    ● Late contract (after 1st of each month) $5 per child