• Independent Study 2021-22

    The PCS Online Independent Study Program allows students to work remotely from home with guidance from teachers. The program is available for Petaluma City Schools students in all grade levels.

    Students in the PCS Online Independent Study Program receive both synchronous and asynchronous instruction, Monday through Friday; however, students will complete most assignments independently. This program is designed to provide rigorous high-quality instruction.

    Additionally, students will have the option to participate in on-campus events at the school that is associated with their Online Independent Study Program (see the list below).

    The Online Independent Study Program will be associated with the following schools:

    • TK-6: Valley Vista
    • 7-8: Petaluma Jr. High
    • 9-12: Valley Oaks

    Program Overview & Enrollment

    Enrollment for the PCS Online Independent Study Program will be open during the week of August 6th-13th. Once the enrollment application is submitted, families will be contacted by representatives from the PCS Online Independent Study Program to discuss the program in greater detail and confirm their enrollment by signing the Written Agreement.

    Fill out the Online Independent Study Enrollment Form using the following directions:

    1. Download and save the PDF of the form below (make sure not to fill it out in your browser (e.g. Google Chrome) window):
      Online Independent Study Enrollment Form - English
      Online Independent Study Enrollment Form - Spanish
    2. Fill out the form completely. You will need to sign the form so please print and sign. You can then scan the form or take a photo with your phone of each page. If you take a photo, please make sure the page fills the frame and that you have enough light so that the image is not blurry.
    3. Optional: If possible, you may want to consider saving the form with the following filename convention "Last Name-First Name-Online-Independent-Study-Enrollment".
    4. After you finish filling out the form, please return it to the appropriate school. You can email it in or drop it off in person.
      • TK-6: Valley Vista - Send to Principal Catina Haugen (chaugen@petk12.org) AND Senior School Secretary Mary Pratt (mpratt@petk12.org)
      • 7-8: Petaluma Jr. High - Send to Assistant Principal Danna Rocca (drocca@petk12.org) AND Student Records Clerk Amy McCoy (amccoy@petk12.org)
      • 9-12: Valley Oaks - Send to Principal Becky Lofton (rlofton@petk12.org) AND School Secretary Susan Cook (scook@petk12.org)

    Students enrolling in the PCS Online Independent Study Program will be unenrolled from their in-person school and enrolled in the Independent Study program.

    All students, in-person and in the Online Independent Study Program, begin school on August 17, 2021.

    Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions on our FAQ page.

    Updates to Independent Study

    AB 130 Independent Study Update was passed on July 9, 2021. Because the law is recent, The California Department of Education plans to send further guidelines and guidance in the coming weeks. Some information may change as we get new updates. Please visit often to get the latest updates.