• Dear students, families, staff, and volunteers of the Petaluma High School community,  

    We have been notified that a member of our Petaluma High School community recently tested positive for COVID-19 and was on campus on Wednesday, August 18, 2021 and Thursday August 19, 2021.  At this time we do not believe that you or your child was exposed unless you already received a separate communication identifying you or your student as a “close contact” with detailed instructions for the next steps.  You or your child can continue to come to school and participate in normal daily activities.
    While you or your child may not have been a close contact to a person with COVID-19, it is still present in our community and we encourage you to continue to take steps to keep you and those around you safe. These steps include monitoring for symptoms every day, practicing social distancing from people who do not live in your household, washing your hands often and wearing a mask or facial covering when in public indoor spaces.

    We also encourage you to be aware of the symptoms of COVID-19 and check yourself or your child for COVID-19 symptoms before coming to work or school. Symptoms of COVID-19 include:
    •      Cough
    •      Fever
    •      Shortness of breath
    •      Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
    •      Body aches 
    •      Headache
    •      Sore throat
    •      Runny nose
    •      New loss of taste or smell

    If your child or anyone in your home is experiencing any of these symptoms, please  contact your healthcare provider and request a test for COVID-19 right away.