• Local Funding

    Supporting Student Success with Great Teachers and Academic Programs Students in lab coats

    Petaluma City Schools (PCS) provides a high-quality education for 7,200 students attending seven elementary schools, 10 secondary schools and an adult education school serving the greater Petaluma area. Thanks to excellent teachers and strong support for local schools from parents and the community, local students graduate prepared for college and in-demand careers.

    School Funding Challenges

    Nationally, California ranks among the lowest in funding per student provided to public schools and Petaluma City Schools (PCS) receives far less funding than many school districts in the North Bay. As a result, PCS is losing teachers to other nearby school districts that offer higher compensation. Many local teachers and school employees have had to take on second and even third jobs in order to support themselves and their families.

    Retaining Qualified Teachers and Supporting Instructional Programs

    Having a great teacher in the classroom is the most important element of providing a quality education for students. Qualified and experienced teachers support high-quality instruction in science, technology, engineering, math, writing, arts and music.

    Renewing Expiring School Funding Reading teacher with students

    On November 14, our Board of Education voted to place local education parcel tax measures on the ballot for local voters to consider on the March 5, 2024 ballot. If approved by 66.7% if local voters, funds could be used in elementary, junior high and high schools to:

    • Attract and retain excellent teachers
    • Expand art, music and language programs
    • Limit increases to class sizes
    • Enhance science, technology, engineering and math programs
    • Protect career technical education programs, school librarians and libraries and art and music instruction
    • Maintain smaller class sizes
    • Provide counseling to support students
    • Provide school librarians and keep school libraries open

    Fiscal Accountability and Local Control

    The local school funding renewal measure would continue existing fiscal accountability requirements, including:

    • Funding would be controlled locally and could not be taken away by the State
    • An independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee and mandatory annual audits would
      continue to ensure funds are spent as promised
    • None of the money raised could be used for administrators’ salaries or pensions
    • Public disclosure of all spending, independent citizens’ oversight and mandatory annual
      audits would ensure funds are spent as promised
    • Homeowners age 65 and over and low income homeowners with disabilities would be eligible for an exemption

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    To learn more about the steps PCS took to plan for the future of our neighborhood schools, take a look at the links below.