• FAQs for Families 

    1. Do I need to send a backpack to school with my child?
      • Yes, you should send your student with a backpack daily.  Don’t worry about any school supplies, PTA purchases these for your student. 


    1.  Do I need to pack a snack and lunch for my child every day?  What kind of items and what about a drink? 
      • Yes, pack a snack daily.  Good snack ideas are: Pretzels, fruit, crackers, cheese, carrots, etc.
      • Make sure the items are easy to open for your student.  A water bottle is very important to have at school daily.  Lunch, you can pack a lunch or your student can purchase hot lunch for $3.50.  Also, milk is sold for $.50.  This is very popular in Kindergarten, they love to get in the lunch line and get a milk.  


    1.  Should I walk my child into class every morning?
      • At the beginning of the year, YES.  Your teacher wants to get to know you and they want to learn the plan for the afternoon.  Once this pattern has been established, and you are comfortable, your student doesn’t need to be walked to class.


    1.  Where should I pick up my child after school?
      • If your student goes to the YMCA after school, the YMCA staff will pick up your student from the classroom.  If you (or another adult) is picking up your student, they wait by the office.  The teacher makes sure they pair each student with the right adult.  


    1.  Anything I should know about what my child should wear or what shoes to wear or not wear? Are hats okay to wear to school?
      • Students should wear clothing they can play and move in.  Closed toed shoes are a must.  Hats are allowed outside only.  


    1.  What is the schedule for the beginning of the school day?
      • School starts at 8:05am!  If you arrive between 7:55 and 8:05am, the blacktop is open for students to play on.  Students line up on the blacktop and wait for their teachers to come and bring them to class.  


    1.  Are hot lunches available for my kindergartner?  
      • Yes, every day.  If your student goes to the YMCA on Wednesdays, hot lunch is still available.  The lunch menu is posted.


    1. I got a lunch bill, but I send my student with lunch daily.
      • The school is not able to deny students food unless you tell us otherwise, that’s the law.  If you do not want your student to receive hot lunch, you need to let the kitchen know.  


    1.  What is the procedure if we arrive late to school in the morning?
      • If you arrive after 8:05am, stop by the office for a tardy slip before heading to class.  


    1.  Do I need to send any school supplies with my child?
      • Just a Backpack and lunch.  Thanks to our PTA, all supplies are purchased for all students.


    1.  What is the number to call if my child will be absent?
      • The absent hotline is 707-259-9050.  It is a 24-hour recording.  Please call in every day your student is out.  
      • If you plan to be on vacation for 5 or more days, you need to apply for independent study.  Talk with your teacher and see the office to set this up.