The Casa Grande High School Social Studies department boasts five Casa Grande Alumni within its membership. The department is dedicated to developing skilled, knowledgeable, and concerned citizens of the community, nation, and world. Teachers in our department work to provide classroom experiences which will help the students learn about our past, democratic ideals, other cultures, and an appreciation of human dignity, justice and compassion for other people. 

    Courses Offered:

    World History

    US History 

    US History (AP)

    American Government (sem)

    American Government (AP - sem)


    Macroeconomics (AP)

    Geography and World Civilizations (sem)

    Legal Studies 

    Public Speaking 

    Introduction to Psychology (sem)

    Women’s Roles in History (sem)

    Sociology (sem)

    Comparative Religions (sem) 

    Cultural Anthropology

    Psychology (AP) 

    Human Geography (AP)


    Click HERE to view complete course descriptions in the Course Description Handbook.

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