• World Languages

    Why should you take a world language at Casa? What are the benefits of becoming bilingual/biliterate?

    • Learning a second language is a tangible skill necessary for success in a globalized economy in the workplace.  
    • Students’  access to perspectives to other cultures contributes to developing empathy and sensitivity.
    • Research shows that learning a foreign language contributes to brain development.
    • Language enriches our personal experience, especially living in a highly diverse and cosmopolitan part of the country.  
    • It allows you to travel,  study, volunteer,  and work abroad.
    • It allows you to communicate with relatives and local community members who speak other languages.
    • It helps in the development of your own language and expands your own vocabulary.

    What makes Casa Grande’s World Language Department unique is the variety of course offerings in multiple strands and languages.

    California State Seal of Biliteracy Information

    Courses Offered:

    • French 1
    • French 2
    • French 3
    • French 3 (Honors)
    • French 4 - Language & Culture (AP)
    • Spanish 1
    • Spanish 2
    • Spanish 2 in the Workplace
    • Spanish 3 in the Workplace
    • Spanish 3 (Honors)
    • Spanish 4 in the Workplace
    • Spanish 4 - Language & Culture (AP)
    • Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1
    • Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2
    • Spanish for Spanish Speakers 3
    • Spanish for Spanish Speakers 4 - Language and Culture (AP)


    View complete course descriptions in the Course Description Handbook.

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