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  • For the 11th and 12th grade, Casa Grande is organized into Small Learning Communities (SLCs) called clusters. Students in each cluster benefit from teacher teams made up of core and elective course instructors. Cluster teachers work together to design and deliver engaging interdisciplinary curriculum tied to one of four areas of focus. Clusters provide an opportunity for students to choose an area of interest where the core classes in English and social studies incorporate real-world applications, promote critical thinking and problem solving. The electives in each cluster serve to add further depth and relevance to the curriculum.

    Technological advances, global-economic competition, and social, political, and environmental transformation have expanded the needs of students as they prepare for 21st century challenges. Our world today requires that its people have increased knowledge, skills, and flexibility, as well as global and civic awareness. To better prepare young people for their futures, Casa Grande High School is working to help students succeed in challenging subjects by providing more relevant contexts for their learning.

  • Health Career Pathway


    • Students are challenged with hands-on learning using real-world academic and technical skills in health, science, English, and social studies classes
    • On-site certification in CPR, First Aid, AED
    • Training and experience in the high demand field of health careers
  • International House


    • Students explore human cultural diversity and interrelationships on a global scale
    • Compare and contrast human traditions such as kinship, child development, religion, music, political systems, language, and nature
    • Explore both modern and historical human relationships
  • Innovation


    • Prepares students to complete and succeed in a wide variety of high-demand careers and college programs
    • Students collaborate to develop, produce, and market new products, events, and businesses 
  • American Voices


    • Explore the many ways our country is transformed by the artistic, political, and cultural diversity of the American people.
    • Students will gain a better understanding of themselves and how to channel their own talents and expression into a meaningful relationship with their community.