• About Petaluma City Schools

    Mission Statement

    What we do as an organization:
    Petaluma City Schools delivers a high-quality, diverse, equitable, and inclusive education to all student scholars so they creatively explore interests, collaboratively solve problems, and fully develop as resilient, caring, and responsible members of our community.

    Core Values

    What we believe as an organization

    1. All students have value, infinite potential, and the right to an excellent education.

    2. All students learn in a safe and caring environment where they are motivated to do their best work.

    3. All students reach high levels of achievement through rigorous and culturally-relevant curriculum.

    4. Diversity is an asset that strengthens and enriches our learning community.

    5. Parents and caregivers are recognized and engaged as partners.

    6. The community supports the educational program and is engaged as a partner and resource in student learning.

    7. District employees are dedicated to student success and operate as a high-performing, collaborative team.

    8. Shared decision making is valued and active participation from all educational partners is critical to student success.

    District Goals

    Goal One

    All student scholars will experience an excellent, diverse, equitable, and inclusive education.

    Our District will: 

    1. Close the opportunity gap identified in our 2021-22 Equity Study;

    2. Implement common mathematics assessments TK-11, allowing time for professional learning;

    3. Begin exploring culturally relevant common ELA assessments;

    4. Provide professional learning for all staff in order to ensure our curriculum
      is representative and reflective of our students;

    5. Provide implicit bias, restorative practices, and community wellbeing training for all staff
      in their work with students;

    6. Create systems to hire new staff and retain current staff in order to ensure that our adults
      are reflective of our students;

    7. Build a diverse teacher pipeline for our school district;

    8. Review and ensure a meaningful evaluation process for all staff;

    9. Successfully expand and support our dual-language immersion program.

    Goal Two

    All student scholars will have rich academic options that meet their unique needs.

    Our District will:

    1. Build program that will attract and retain families in our District;

    2. Ensure that all high-school students have access to A-G courses;

    3. Explore adding additional courses and pathways to enhance learning opportunities;

    4. Eliminate barriers that restrict open access to accelerated courses;

    5. Provide professional learning for all staff on how to differentiate
      instruction and implement Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to meet the needs of all students in all courses;

    6. Introduce curriculum and programming to further our District focus on environmental
      literacy and climate action;

    7. Implement our strategic plan to integrate Arts education into our schools.

    Goal Three

    All student scholars and families will be engaged in their learning community.

    Our District will: 

    1. Create districtwide experiences that will allow all students to explore their interests;

    2. Expand participation for a diverse and representative group of educational partners to be engaged in and support our schools;

    3. Intentionally build community to ensure that every student in our District can identify a trusted adult at school;

    4. Use our Community Schools grant to explore adding Wellness Centers, starting at our secondary campuses.

    Goal Four

    Our District will enhance the long-term sustainability of our organization, infrastructure, and operations.

    Our District will: 

    1. Match enrollment to the demand in our community and the capacity of our facilities;

    2. Enhance the environmental sustainability of our infrastructure and operations; 

    3. Connect our district’s fiscal plan to our District’s priorities, including working with parcel tax and bond advisors and educational partners to pass a parcel tax and bond; 

    4. Ensure long-term fiscal stability in order to balance the needs of all educational partners, focusing on the need for equity in our schools and programs. 

    Goal Five

    By June 2028 students with disabilities will improve in English language Arts (ELA) and mathematics as measured by the California School Dashboard by at least 30 points, moving from -91.5 to -61.5 in ELA and -132.3 to -102.3 in mathematics. 

    Our District will: 

    1. Continue to provide professional learning on Universal Design for Learning (UDL); 

    2. Provide professional learning for educators on CAASP accessibility supports;

    3. Provide Orton Gillingham reading instruction training for special education teachers; 

    4. Support site administrators with designing sSchool Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) goals for students with disabilities; 

    5. Utilize the Continuous Improvement Committee to examine data for students with disabilities, recommend actions, design professional learning, and monitor progress;

    6. Partner with the bell schedule committee to explore schedule options at the high schools that will ensure students with disabilities are able to have equal access to courses in their schedules; 

    7. Conduct a special education study to examine the effectiveness of our special education program. 

District Snapshot: Full text on this page under header "District Snapshot"

District Snapshot

    • 7 Elementary Schools
    • 9 Secondary Schools
    • 1 Adult Education School
    • 7,200 Students
    • 850 Staff
    • $101 Million Annual District Operation Budget
    • 150+ Years Serving Students