Here's what parents & students have to say...

  • Valley Vista is such a gem of a school and we've been so happy there, since starting 5 years ago. First and foremost, I didn't realize what a blessing it would be (in this town especially) to be able to send my children to our neighborhood school. Walking in the morning (on the occasions that we can) and to pick-up at night, has become a nice treat. To have the little chunk of time to slow down and talk about what's going on in our lives and get an upload of everybody's day has been a sweet addition to our lives.  -4th grade parent

  • I think that many things make Valley Vista special because I love dance, P.E., my principal, math, my friends and finally my teacher.  -4th grade student

    Valley Vista is special because there is a lot of caring and helping people.  -5th grade student

    VV is special because I learn math and I like learning math. Math makes me feel happy.  -1st grade student

    The garden really makes the school special and the band and chorus.  -6th grade student

    I like my school because I want to be here.  -kinder student


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