• Curriculum

    Curriculum consists of District adopted math, English language arts, science, and social studies materials.  Garden education is based on the Environmental Literacy framework and seasonal activity in the garden.  PE happens four times per week, including dance, movement, team games, and individual fitness.  Performing Arts includes class plays, public speaking, presentations of projects and reader's theater.  Technology is embedded in all subject areas with 1:1 iPads in K-6th grade.  Spanish language instruction is once or twice weekly for all students with cultural literacy built into Spanish language lessons.  Every student visits the library weekly to pick out books to take home and hear a read aloud.

  • Math

    • EDM or Everyday Math (TK-5th)
    • CPM or College Preparatory Math (6th)

    English Language Arts

    • Wonders (TK-5th)
    • Study Sync (6th grade)

    Science (adopted in 2020-2021)

    • Twig (K-5th)
    • TCI or Teacher's Curriculum Institute (6th grade)

    Social Studies

    • Scotts Foresman (TK-5th)
    • TCI or Teacher's Curriculum Institute (6th grade)