• Find Your School

    Your "school of residence"/"neighborhood school" is the school that you are zoned to based on your home address. To find out what yours is, follow the steps below by clicking on the headlines for more information.

Click on the headlines below for more information:

  • Step 1: Determine your District of Residence

  • Step 2: Determine your School of Residence

  • Is your school of choice not your neighborhood school?

  • Is your address not in the Petaluma City Schools boundaries?

  • Are you employed within PCS boundaries for 10 or more hours per school week, but your home address is not in Petaluma City Schools boundaries?

  • Other Maps & Information

    Full Map of Petaluma City Schools Sites

    While the SchoolFinder Website is a great way to learn more about our elementary schools, it is not a comprehensive map of all schools and sites at PCS. The Petaluma City Schools Map includes our elementary sites as well as our comprehensive junior high and high schools, our alternative schools, and administration buildings.

    Map with Visible Boundaries for the Petaluma City (Elementary) School District

    This map shows the boundaries for all of the PCS elementary schools and the locations of the schools. Charter schools, such as Mary Collins at Cherry Valley and Penngrove Elementary, do not have official boundaries and are shown with a yellow icon.