• Students? Are you interested in taking AP or Honors classes at Petaluma High School? Please attend AP & Honors Night on Thursday, February 20th at 6pm for more information. Please note that AP and Honors classes are a year-long commitment and cannot be dropped during the school year. Below is information on AP and Honors Classes offered for the 2020-2021



    Social Sciences:        
    Honors World (Granados) February 13th: Lunchtime meeting to discuss prerequisite Honors assignment and other course info. Freshmen must complete an Honors-level assignment to finalize acceptance in February. Assignment has a one-week turnaround time. None http://historygranados.weebly.com/
    AP US (Lounibos) Info meeting after AP Night. 2020 application meeting is at lunch in A5 on Th., 2/23; Summer Assignment meeting after 5/8 World History Yes, assignment and textbook given mid-May. lounibos.weebly.com
    AP Gov/Econ (Jackson/Street) None B or better in US/AP US History Class and 3.0 GPA None http://kjacksonphs.weebly.com
    Honors English 9 (O’Connor) Online Application due Friday, March 1, 2019 B or better in Eng 8; 3.0 overall GPA for 8th grade Fall semester The summer assignment will be posted May 15, 2020 in Google Classroom. Join code is TBD. http://oconnorenglishphs.weebly.com/
    Honors English 10 (Cuff) Thursday, May 17 B or better in Eng 9; 3.0 GPA first semester of 9th Meeting/sign up for summer Google Classroom in May Google Classroom code wil be announced May 3rd.
    AP English 11 (Maya) Entrance exam after school March 2 and 3, provide writing sample by March 6 B or better, 3.0 first semester of 10th yes, pick up/email end of March Google Classroom code wil be announced in early March
    AP English 12 (Smith) Provide writing sample by March 9th; pick up summer assignment during lunch May 18 or 19 B or better in English, 3.0 first semester of 11th yes http://mshilarysmith.weebly.com/
    Honors Math 3E None. A in Math 2 None.  
    AP Calc AB (Granger) None. C or better in Math Analysis or an A in Honors Math 3E (with Calculus readiness test) None.  
    AP Calc BC (McHugh) None. C or better in Math Analysis or an A in Honors Math 3E (with Calculus readiness test) and current AP Calc AB students are eligible None.  
    AP Stats (Cox) None. C or better in Math 3 or in Honors Math 3E None. https://sites.google.com/a/petk12.org/mrcox/
    AP Comp Sci Principles (Cox) None Passed Math 1 None https://sites.google.com/a/petk12.org/mrcox/
    AP Comp Sci A Java (Cox) None Intro to CS and/or passed Math 2 None https://sites.google.com/a/petk12.org/mrcox/
    AP Psychology (Archibald) None B or better academic GPA or permission from current Soc Sci teacher/counselor/Mrs Archibald if GPA is lower than required Short article linked on my website; quiz on day one of fall semester http://harchibald.weebly.com/ap-psychology.html
    AP French (Warin) None B or better in French 3 Readings with exercises http://phsswarin.weebly.com/
    AP Spanish (Moreno) None B or better in Spanish 3 or Native Speakers 2 One reading with exercises. Students can access my website and web page "AP-Verano". http://phssenorb.weebly.com/
    AP Art (Tillinghast) None C or better in Art 2 or with permission from the instructor Usually, there are two "breadth" section art pieces that are done over summer.  
    Honors POE (Eaton) None C or better in Math 1; coenrolled in Math 2 None http://eatonphs.weebly.com/poe.html
    AP Physics (Brazil) May 3th Lunch to discuss summer assignment Chemistry with a C or better, Math 2 with C or better and consectively enrollment in Math 3 and/or Math Analysis Honors, plus approval of chemistry teacher. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Y3PB0ycNxDgWE4tv2hpsEkjSU9JkWawysYCCYfR3brg/edit?usp=sharing https://sites.google.com/a/petk12.org/mr-brazil-s-website/home/ap-physics-1-summer-assignment-1
    Honors Chem (Boyes) Sign up in aeries with advice of your counselor and current science teacher. Must be enrolled in Math 2 or higher. B or better in biology and other classes recommended We will meet in late April to discuss the summer assignment which is to design a lab to share in class and to do a critical analysis on an article https://sites.google.com/a/petk12.org/mrs-boyes-webpage/home This is my current page for current students. It will have next year's material in June
    APES (Camacho) No meeting or application. Sign up for Google Classroom with code: 2v9rtc Strongly Suggested Prerequisites: B or better in Biology, English, and History. Completion or concurrent enrollment in Math II and Chemistry. Students must be proficient writers and critical thinkers to succeed in APES. Yes, it can be found on Google Classroom Google Classroom with code: 2v9rtc
    Honors Biology (Walters) None B or better in both semesters of Phys Sci or A's in 8th grade science. Concurrent enrollment in Math 2 recommended The summer assignment will be posted May 2020 in google classroom. Google Classroom code: rrljkxx