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  • Counselors are divided by student's last names. Counselors are available for academic, personal/social issues, and post-secondary (college & career) planning. Please email your counselor if you have questions or would like to set up an appointment to meet. To contact the counseling secretary, please call 707-778-4779. Additionally, we have MFT interns on-site available for extra mental health support. If you are looking for support, you can complete the PHS Mental Health Self-Referral Form directly or email your counselor.

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  • Registration for the 2023-2024 school year will start on January 17th with the junior class (class of 2024). Students need to have access to their AERIES student portal in order to select classes for next year. Parents will be able to view their students' choices using their AERIES parent portal, but only the student portal can make the changes. Counselors will be visiting 9th-11th grade students in their English classes and will also be visiting 8th grade schools to help students register for their classes. 

    Please note that while we make every effort to get students their first choice classes, they must always have a backup/alternative class. Please also note that from January 17th- February 10th counselors will be in classrooms the majority of the time and may take longer than normal to respond to emails and phone calls. Information on classes, graduation requirements, and A-G requirements can all be found on the PHS counseling website. The course catalog can also be found there which has descriptions of all the classes offered at PHS. Here is a link to the 10th-12th course selection form as well. 

    After registration is over, counselors will be reviewing individual student requests and reaching out if there are any questions or concerns. They will also be holding junior conferences from mid February-March and then sophomore conferences in April-May to review students' choices for next year. 

    Please save the following dates: 

    8th Grade Preview Night: Wednesday, January 18th from 5:30pm-7:30pm

    This event is for all prospective students and their parents to learn more about Petaluma High School including programs, classes, and a school tour. 

    AP/Honors Night: Thursday, February 23rd from 5:30pm-7:30pm 

    This event will help students and parents to better understand the different AP and Honors offerings at PHS, as well as learn about any summer assignments, prerequisites, workload, and other pertinent information. After this evening, students will have the chance to adjust their schedule if they decide against an AP or Honors class. Once summer hits, making changes to AP/Honors classes will be difficult. 

    Below are the dates by grade level when students will be registering: 

    • Week of 1/16: Junior Registration

    • Week of 1/23: Incoming 9th (Current 8th Graders) Registration

    • Week of 1/30: Sophomore Registration

    • Week of 2/6: Freshmen Grade Registration

    • Sunday, February 12th: Deadline for all students to register/make changes online 

    If you are absent or need help, here are instructions for online registration:

    • Log in using the student’s @petk12.org email address 

    • If it’s their first time making an account? Click “New Account” and password is “changeme”

    • If they created an account but forgot the info? Click “forgot password” and open a new window to your gmail account to reset AERIES. 

    • Once on AERIES student portal, on the right hand side, click “change student” and then choose “pre-enrolled PHS student” 

    • On the left, click “classes” then “course request entry” 

    • Once in this area, click “show all courses” and then the student can select courses, a minimum of 6 classes must be entered, plus an alternative elective. 


    When selecting classes for the next school year, please use this as a guide: 


    9th Grade

    10th Grade

    11th Grade

    12th Grade

    English 9 (or Honors)

    English 10 (or Honors)

    English 11 or AP English Language 11

    ERWC or AP English Literature 12

    Physical Science or Biology (multiple options)

    Biology or Chemistry

    (multiple options)

    1 more year of Math, Science or Related Math/Science Class

    More Science or (Elective)

    Math 1

    Math 2 

    Math 3 or Elective

    More Math or (Elective)

    Human Interaction/ Intro to Business (Semester of each)

    World History (or Honors)

    US History (or AP)

    Econ/Gov (Semester of each) (or AP)

    PE 9

    PE 10, PE Cross Training or Strength & Conditioning 

      (Elective: Visual Performing Art or Foreign Language Recommended for college bound students) 


    (Elective - Language recommended for 4 year college bound students)




    SRJC Dual Enrollment: 

    High school students can dual enroll in classes at SRJC while in high school for minimal fees. All steps are below. If there are questions contact SRJC directly at: 707-521-7844

    Steps to enrolling in a SRJC Class: 

    1. Apply to open CCC AND SRJC and get Student ID# (9 digits) - you must reapply EVERY term: https://admissions.santarosa.edu/high-school-dual-enrollment-students  
    2. Look at the online schedule: https://classes.santarosa.edu/ 
    3. Check for any prerequisites/assessments: https://assessment.santarosa.edu/ 
    4. If you are trying to challenge a class that has a prerequisite, you need to complete this form: https://admissions.santarosa.edu/prerequisite-equivalency-form 
    5. Complete dual enrollment form 
      1. High School Dual Enrollment Online Request Form 
      2. Must be submitted BEFORE you can register
    6. Register online during priority registration 
    7. Email counselor proof of registration so we can adjust your schedule here if needed (remember OFF PERIODS ARE NOT GUARANTEED!)

    Transcripts: To request a transcript, click here. Contact registrar, Ms. Stoll (cstoll@petk12.org ) with questions. 

    Work Permits: You'll find the work permit application and information on the process here. During the summer, Ms. Smith (ksmith@petk12.org) can process work permits. During the school year, Ms. Dodsworth (mdodsworth@petk12.org) can assist. 

    Mental Health Support: You'll find resources here.  

    Many questions can be answered here Counseling FAQs


    If you plan to participate in a sport, be sure to complete all the information on our Athletics website. If you have questions, contact Kevin Jackson (athletic director), kjackson@petk12.org.

    For the Class of 2023 that plans to apply to CSU or UC colleges for Fall 2023 admission, these are good things to remember: 

    • Taking Math during your senior year is important for college acceptance. 
    • SAT/ACT - most colleges are test optional/blind, check individual school website for more information. 
    • As always, going above and beyond your A-G requirements will increase your chances of acceptance into CSU and UC schools. 
    • For CSU schools, the qualifying minimum GPA is 2.5 in A-G coursework. For UC schools, the minimum GPA is 3.0 in A-G coursework. 
    • CSU website: https://www2.calstate.edu/apply
    • UC website: https://apply.universityofcalifornia.edu/my-application/login 


  • A-G Requirements (4 Year Colleges)

  • Santa Rosa Junior College Information

  • PE Waiver Information, Board Policy AR 6142.7

  • College Planning: Tips & Important Information

  • Financial Aid

  • UC & CSU Application Filing Periods

  • College Tips: 

    • Create a separate, professional (yourname@domain.com) email to use for all applications. 
    • When sending applications and scholarship information through the Post Office, purchase a ‘proof of mailing’ certificate.
    • Keep a copy of every college and application that you submit, and keep them organized!
    • Gather all important materials - transcripts, resume/list of activities including all community service, start thinking about who will write your letters of recommendation (private schools only)
    • Plan a visit to the College and Career Center!  There is a variety of information and support available to seniors.
    • Visit https://www.californiacolleges.edu/#/ & https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/  for helpful planning tools, testing information, researching college, application calendars and much more!

    UC & CSU Application Filing Periods:

    • California State University https://www2.calstate.edu/apply 
      • October 1 – November 30, 2022 for Fall 2023 Admissions
    • University of California:       http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/admissions
      • October 1 – November 30, 2022   for Fall 2023 Admissions
    • For private universities:  check the individual application dates, deadlines and enrollment requirements 
      • Early Decision/Early Action - usually October 1st 
      • Regular Admission - will vary by school 

    SAT & ACT (PHS SCHOOL CODE: 052460)

    • Many schools have gone to test optional, including CSU and UC schools. 
    • Private Universities:  check the individual testing requirements that are recommended for each school/major.
    • You are in charge of sending your test scores directly to the schools you apply to! 
    • SAT Reasoning & SAT Subject Area: http://collegeboard.com       
    • ACT Examination: www.actstudent.org 

    Write your personal essay EARLY!

    • Students applying to the University of California system and most private colleges and universities will be required to submit a personal essay.  Take your time to do this well!   Write your first draft, have someone whose writing ability you admire review your work…. Then update and re-write!
    • CSUs do not require essays. 

    Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) 

    California Community Colleges are a great place to start your post-secondary studies.

    • Certification programs for careers (example:  mechanics, computers, phlebotomy)
    • Associate of Arts Degrees (two year college degrees with a major area of study)
    • Transfer to a four-year university (take freshman and sophomore general education requirements, then transfer to a four-year university for completion of a Bachelor’s Degree.)
    • SRJC Jumpstart Program will help all students that plan to attend SRJC after high school.

    FAFSA & California Dream Act (AB 130 & AB131) October 1, 2022 - March 2, 2023    

    • Online applications should be completed for the 2023-2024 freshman college year.  FAFSA is the umbrella application required for almost all federal, state, institutional and private grants/scholarships.  We recommend that you fill out this application regardless of your financial needs.             
    • Students who don’t qualify for financial aid under FAFSA may qualify under the California Dream Act. Qualifications to apply are: 1. a student must have attended a CA high school for a minimum of 3 years, 2. graduate from a CA high school, pass the CAHSEE or receive a GED, 3.enroll in an accredited and qualified CA college or university and 4. if applicable, fill out an affidavit to legalize immigration status as soon as eligible. 

    Websites for College Planning:

    Listing colleges with programs for students with learning disabilities/differences

    Find your college- Search by major, location, size etc

    Search Engine- Find a College for Me

    My Big Future - search for colleges, majors, and careers! 

    CSU GPA Calculator 

    UC GPA Calculator