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  • Counselors are divided by student's last names. Counselors are available for academic, personal/social issues, and post secondary planning (college & career). Please email your counselor if you have questions or would like to set up an appointment to meet.

    Mrs. Stoll ( in the College & Career center is also a great resource for college visits, work permits, jobs, community service opportunities, and so much more. Additonally, we have MFT interns on site available for extra mental health support.

    To contact counseling please call 707-778-4779.

    For registration information, please contact our registrar - 

    Want to visit a UC School, visit here for more info!

    PHS Counseling Save the Dates 2018-2019

    Thursday, February 7th @6pm (PHS Library): College Night for 9th, 10th & 11th Grade Students (presentation available to download below) 

    Thursday, February 21st @6pm: AP/Honors Night (contracts due 3/8 - schedule, contracts, and info available to download below) 

    Thursday, March 2nd: FAFSA/CA Dream Deadline

    May 6th – 17th: AP Exams

    Tuesday, May 21st @630pm (Luchessi Center): Senior Recognition Night

    Saturday, June 1st @10am (Ellison Field): Graduation!

    SAT Date

    Registration Deadline

    August 25

    July 27

    October 6

    September 7

    November 3

    October 5

    December 1

    November 2

    March 9

    February 8

    May 4

    April 5

    June 1

    May 3

    ACT Date

    Registration Deadline

    September 8

    August 10

    October 27

    September 28

    December 8

    November 2

    February 9

    January 11

    April 13

    March 8

    June 8

    May 3



  • Schedules & Registration 2019-2020:

    Schedule changes are made during the first 10 days of school. After that, schedule changes are NOT permitted. Classes dropped after 6 weeks result in an automatic withdraw "F". Schedules cannot be changed based on teacher preference or period preference. All students must be in a minimum of 6 classes with PHS (seniors can take 5). Email your counselor with questions. 

    All registration presentations can be found to the right of this page!

    Counselors will be starting Online Registration in January. Students will be registering for their classes for next year using their AERIES Student Portal accounts. It is important that each student has an active account separate from their parents.   It is also important that parents have their own account so that they can review courses that their child selects. Registration dates are below:

    • Junior Registration: Week of 1/14, online registration closes on Sunday, 1/20.
    • 8th Grade Registration: Week of 1/22, online registration closes on Sunday, 1/27.
    • Sophomore Registration: Week of 1/28, online registration closes on Sunday, 2/3.
    • Freshman Registration: Week of 2/4, online registration closes on Sunday, 2/10.

    Here are instructions for online registration:

    • Log in using the student email address
    • If it’s their first time making account? Click “New Account” and password is “changeme”
    • If they created an account but forgot the info? Click “forgot password” and open a new window to gmail account to reset AERIES.
    • Once on aeries student portal, on the right hand side, click “change student” and then choose “pre-enrolled PHS student”
    • On the left, click “student info” then “course request entry”
    • Once in this area, click “show all courses” and then student can select courses, a minimum of 6 classes must be entered, plus an alternative elective.

    Course Request Forms can be found to the right of this page. Please take time to review classes for next year with your child prior to registration.


  • PE Waiver Information, Board Policy AR 6142.7: 
    Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, the following guidelines will apply in order to be exempted from such courses, for the graduating classes of 2019 and subsequent years. 

    PE Waivers MUST be turned in during the conclusion of the sport season. 

    2018-2019 School Year: 

    Fall: 11/13/2018

    Winter: 2/11/2019

    Spring: 5/24/2019

    2019-2020 School Year: 

    Fall: 11/12/2019

    Winter: 2/10/2020

    Spring: 5/22/2020

    Qualifications below: 

    1. Student athletes must have taken and passed physical education in grade 9 with a grade of “C” or better.
    2. Student athletes must score in the “healthy fitness zone” in five of the six fitness areas tested in grade 9 as measured by the FITNESSGRAM.
    3. Student athletes must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA (Total GPA), for each grading period during the period of exemption.
    4. The exempted physical education course must be replaced with another course, which cannot be an unscheduled (free) period, and student athletes must maintain a full class load, during the period of exemption.
    5. For each full season of sport completed in grades 10 and/or 11, student athletes will be exempted from physical education for one semester.
    6. During the annual course registration window, or upon new enrollment, a student athlete must notify his/her counselor of his/her intent to apply for a Physical Education Exemption Based on Interscholastic Athletic Program Participation, so that the student athlete is scheduled appropriately.
    7. At the conclusion of each season of sport the student athlete must complete a Physical Education Exemption Application, which has been signed by the student athlete, parent/guardian, and counselor. The athletic director will confirm completion of the season of sport and sign the application.
    8. Students who do not fulfill the requirements of this exemption by the start of grade 12, and have not satisfied the physical education graduation requirements, will need to earn their remaining physical education credits required for graduation.
  • SRJC Classes: 

    Attention Students! 

    Are you interested in taking a SRJC class? Summer and Fall schedule comes out sometime in March and registration opens on May 8th for High School Students. If students have questions or need help, they should come to the lunch meeting on April 15th at lunch in the library to learn about concurrent enrollment. Please review the steps to enroll in a SRJC Class: 

    Steps to enroll in a SRJC Class: 

    1. Look at online schedule:
    2. Create an online SRJC account and get Student ID# (9 digit number) 
    3. Complete concurrent enrollment form and get ALL required signatures (see attached) 
    4. Review any prerequisite requirements/take any placement tests for specific subjects 
    5. Turn form into SRJC Admissions & Records BEFORE you register
    6. Register online during priority registration
    7. Show counselor proof of registration

     SRJC Jumpstart Info (for Seniors): 

    Tuesday, September 25th @12:40pm (Room B2): JumpStart Student Kick-Off Event

    Thursday, September 27th @6pm (PHS Library):  SRJC Parent Information Night

    Monday, October 1st: PHS Application opens (Ms. Stoll)

    Monday, October 29th  (8:45am-2pm in F3):  Open CCC Apply Application Workshops

    Thursday, November 1st:  PEF Application opens (online)

    November 5th - November 9th: Financial Aid Week

    Wednesday, November 7th @6pm (PHS Library & F3):  Financial Aid/Cash for College Night

    Tuesday, November 27th @ 12:40 (Room B2): Counseling 270 Info Meeting

    Monday, December 10th: High School Concurrent Enrollment Form Deadline to counselors

    Saturday, January 12th  @830am-3pm:  Super Saturday at SRJC (both campuses)

    Wednesday, January 23rd: PEF Scholarships are due by 4pm online

    Wednesday, February 6th: PHS Scholarships are due by 12pm (noon) to Ms. Stoll

    Saturday, March 2nd:  FAFSA/CA Dream Act Deadline

    Spring 2019 (SRJC): JumpStart Counseling 270 Class (March/April)

    Spring 2018 TBD: OpenCCC Application Workshop Update Reminder

    Early May 2019 TBD (830am-10am): Summer & Fall 2018 Registration Workshop

    TBD: Parent Orientation for students with IEPs

    Late May TBD: Celebration!

     SRJC Steps for Graduating Students to Attend for the Summer or Fall of 2019:

    1.      Complete the Spring 2019 application to SRJC
    2.      Complete the Doyle Scholarship & Doyle Trustee Scholarship online application
    3.      Complete a 2018-2019 Financial Aid Application before March 2, 2019
    4.      Complete & submit a High School Concurrent Enrollment Form to enroll in Counseling 270
    5.      Enroll & successfully complete Counseling 270 as a high school student during spring semester  to earn Priority 3 Registration for the Summer & Fall 2019
    6.      Summer & Fall 2019 Schedule of Classes will be available online in March 2019
    7.      Update your Summer/Fall 2019 online application to SRJC as a high school graduate
    8.      Attend a registration workshop on your high school campus where SRJC staff will assist students to register for Summer/Fall 2019 classes
    9.  Students who do not attend Counseling 270, will still be able to earn priority 4 registration for Summer/Fall 2019 by completing our online orientation through their SRJC Student Portal and meeting with an SRJC Counselor to create an Educational Plan. These steps should only be completed after the student has a current application to SRJC on file.  Priority 4 will be offered 2 days after Priority 3, exact dates still being determined.

     To get text reminders: Text @srjcjump to 81010