Petaluma High School Clubs

  • Interested in joining a club?

    Here is a comprehensive list of the current clubs offered on campus. Feel free to reach out to the Club Advisors or President for more information on how to join. 

    Name of Club When? Where? Staff advisor President
    Academic World Quest B-day lunchs 1-2 times a week F-9 Sarah Jacobs Deedee Alpert
    AI in Business Last Tuesday of each month C-15 Hillary Cuff Lauren Wilson
    America's Future Medical Professional A day Tuesdays F-10 Ms. Yannes Eva Harriman/Sadie Greenberg
    Art Club B-Day Wednesdays at lunch C-9 Mr. Harrison Lily Cruz
    Art of Noise Club Every Wednesday at lunch F-11 Mr. Tacata Natalie Frances
    Astronomy Club 1st and 3rd Fridays at lunch C-14 Mrs. O'connor Karly Nazar
    BIPOC Club Mondays at lunch F-4 Ms. Lowell and Ms. Mason Jaden Gregorio
    BSA (Bilingual Student Ambassadors) First Tuesday of every month during lunch C-6 Kelly Kovanis Sandy Maldonado
    California Scholarship Federation Last Friday of each month C-14 Krista O'Connor Maya Cramer
    Chess Club A-day Wednesdays at lunch F-6 Mr. Franklin Andy Bai
    Circle of Friends Thursdays at lunch Butterfly Garden/B1 Ms. Ransom, Ms. Mason & Ms. Kisling Hope Carver & Kaiella Burns
    Crumbl Club A-day Fridays A-3 Mr. Granados Reilly Kreutz
    Cryptocurrency Club First Tuesday C-14 Krista O'Connor Jack Pattison
    Dice, Ducks, and Dragons 3:30 to 5 PM on A-Day Fridays E-2 Jamil Dawsari Matthew Rodrigues
    Drama Club Every Tuesday C-3 Hilary Smith Elisabeth Frank
    Eco-Fashion Club A-day Tuesdays at lunch F-13 Ms. Camacho Maya Hoffman
    Engineering & Robotics Club Every Thursday after school until 5 F-17 Victor Brazil Leyoti White
    Environmental Club Thursdays at lunch F-13 Ms. Camacho Maya Scholnick
    FFA 2nd Wednesday at 6pm Multi Purpose Room Dunn/Arntz Joey Jensen
    Financial Gains Club Last A-day Thursday of each month C-14 Krista O'Connor Ben Thomas
    French Club A-day Mondays C-13 Madamme Lhomme Eszter Chappell
    Friday Film Club Every Friday E-5 A. Cochrane Vanessa Bowles
    Friendship Bracelet Making Club Every Tuesday lunch F-9 Sarah Jacobs Natalie Hubert
    Future Women Leaders of Business & Industry B-day Thursdays A-4 Mr. Aja Sunny Schultz and Kenly Eskes
    Garden Club A day Wednesdays C-13 Madamme Lhomme Luna Castro Mojica & Maya Maloney
    GSA Every Friday at lunch A-2 Ms. Redfield Sofia Alverde & Raine Blair
    Hiking Club A-day Wednesdays F-14 Mr. Keeble Eva Herman and Maya Muran
    Interact B-day Wednesdays F4 Ms. Lowell Madison Eveland
    JSA (Junior State of America) Every Tuesday at lunch A-5 Jennifer Lounibos Maya Cramer
    Knitting & Crochet Club Every Thursday at lunch C-3 Ms. Smith Annabelle Wiatrek Trum
    Lifting Club First B day of each month Gym Nick Emanuel Jonah Fox
    Local Animal Shelter Assistance A-day Mondays C-15 Ms. Cuff Natalia Efhan
    P7 Club B-day Fridays C-10 Miranda Sjoberg Leilani Mendoza
    PHASE (Petaluma High Auto Shop) After school/weekends, schedule is released weekly Auto Shop Keith Benson Michael Valente
    Photography Club First B day of each month E-3 Mr. Schwartz Max Pedrotti-Jacobs
    Pickleball Club B-day Fridays at lunch E-4 Mr. Street Elliot Blue
    Redwood Food Drive Every other Tuesday at lunch F-5 Mr. Brede Leila Nickel
    Skills USA   A-6 Mr. Jones  
    Smash Club Thursdays at lunch Toves' room - portable by parking lot Mr. Langerman-Toves Landon Horne
    Tutoring Club Mondays at lunch F-9 Sarah Jacobs Kaia Li Kircher
    Writing Club Mondays and Wednesdays during lunch C-2 Shereen Jackson Nox Maloney/Ben Jacobs