• Electives

  • Art

    This course is designed to introduce students to various art mediums and techniques.  Students will learn basic skills in drawing and painting while exploring materials such as graphite, colored pencil, ink, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, and acrylic paint. The instructional units of the course will focus on the Elements of Art:  Line, Shape, Form, Value, Texture, Color, and Space. 

    Advanced Band 

    Advanced Band is offered to students who have a good command of their instrument, and who are able to perform music of intermediate difficulty.  Students are given group instruction on the instrument of their choice and are encouraged to progress at an average rate of speed. Students will become acquainted with appropriate interpretation of musical scores such as classical, jazz, and pop. 

    Beginning Band 

    Beginning Band is offered to students interested in learning to play an instrument common to the concert band.  Students are given group instruction on the instrument of their choice and are encouraged to progress at an average rate of speed.  This class is also open to students who may have started instruments at the elementary level, but who will need instruction before entering the advanced concert band.

    Bantam Broadcast

    Students in this elective are responsible for creating our bi-weekly news broadcast. They will learn scriptwriting, graphic design, the ethics of journalism, and develop public speaking skills. They will also have the opportunity to learn how to use the cameras and software used for production and post-production editing.


    Chorus is offered to students interested in learning to sing with a group in a performing ensemble.  Students are given group instruction on vocal technique and encouraged to progress at an average rate of speed.

    Conditioning for Athletes

    This course focuses on developing motor skills to enhance student performance in athletics.  This is a supplemental class to Physical Education and sports participation. The class focus will be on general athletic conditioning and skill development.


    Students will receive both theoretical and practical training in leadership.  Some of the skills to be focused on are goal setting, team building, communication, problem-solving/decision making, effective meetings, public speaking, and presentations.  The course is designed to integrate leadership skills with practical applications. Activities will include dances, assemblies, rallies, lunchtime activities, special events, community involvement, student/faculty relations, etc.  The key to the program’s success is students’ effort with both fun and the responsibility of “making it happen”. This class will provide the time and the training to make this student-run program a success.

    Spanish (1A and 1B)

    Spanish 1A is a 7th-grade year-long course offered to interested students who would like to learn and become proficient in oral and written Spanish. When taken as a two-year semester course in sequence with Spanish 1B in 8th grade, this class can be applied towards one year’s credit in first-year Spanish at the high school level.  Any student who successfully completes both years: Spanish 1A and 1B; will fulfill one year’s Foreign Language requirement that will be applied towards high school and college requirements.

    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) & Computer Science

    This course is split into two sessions, one per semester. During session one, students will explore a variety of STEM topics through hands-on and project-based activities. During session two, students will dive deeper into computer science, learning the basics of coding using Micro: Bits and EV3 Lego Robots.


    Students in this course are responsible for producing the school yearbook each year. They learn about graphic design, journalism, photography, and editing software.