McKinley Policies and Procedures





    If your child will be absent, please call the Attendance Line. If your child is late to school, please go to the window in the hallway outside the Office.


    Before School and After School Care Options

    Before After Care

    Find information about Boys and Girls Club here.


    Dropoff and Pickup Procedures


    Dropoff Lane


    When dropping off and picking up your children, please help us keep all students safe and the traffic moving by following this procedure:

    From East Washington Street: turn right on Payran Street, right on Madison Street, and right on Ellis Street. 
    Enter the new, yellow traffic circle on the right. Do not make a left turn from Ellis into the traffic circle. It will cause traffic to back up and is dangerous for our students. 
    Pull all the way forward in the new, yellow traffic circle in front of the school. After dropping off or picking up your child, keep moving in the left lane. Do not double park. The traffic circle is a No Parking Zone between 7:30-8:30 AM and 1:00-3:00 PM.

    If the first traffic circle is full, you may also use the second traffic circle in front of the school (the one that has been there previously), closer to E. Washington Street, when school buses are not present. Again, please pull all the way forward before your child exits the vehicle.

    If both traffic circles are full or you need to come into the school, please find parking along Madison Street or Ellis Street, and have your child cross the street ONLY at the marked and lit crosswalk.

    While dropping off and picking up, staff are present in front of the school to greet and say goodbye to students. Please follow their guidance so our school is as safe as possible and the traffic keeps moving.

    Please do not double park or block in our neighbors on Martin Circle as this has caused tension in the past.

    ****PLEASE NOTE****
    There will be NO parking in the dropoff lane going forward during school hours. The white parking lines have been removed. Thank you!


    Emergency Notification System


    This year, McKinley is using the "Remind" app as a tool in case of emergencies. This system will allow Principal Larson to push our emergency notifications to your cell phone. You must "opt in" to receive these alerts.


    To "opt in" to this service, text