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    Fall 2023
    October 23 - December 21, 2023

    Refer to class descriptions for class specific days off. Contact instructors for class specific questions. For general questions about enrichment contact Sigrid Rinehart at sigrid.rinehart@att.netScholarships available for Cherry Valley students. One scholarship per qualified student per year, until funds are depleted.

    Attention: Parents of students in grades 1, 2 & 3:
     For students dismissed at 2:30pm but attending a 3:10pm class, they must be supervised by a parent/adult or make arrangements with after care on campus to be watched during that time. Children must be supervised by an adult between the time of school dismissal and the start of their enrichment class.

    ESPANOL: Para mas informacion en espanol, favor de llamar a Autumn al 707-477-4948.

    Petaluma City Schools provides space, but does not endorse, staff, or supervise the information, activities, or events posted.


    Jewelry Making (grades K–6)
    First class is October 23

    Students will use their hands, their creative minds, and high quality beads to make beautiful, wearable, original creations. Students will complete a new project each week including a pair of earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, a hair accessory, and more! Julia Anthony has been creating and selling jewelry for over 20 years. She has been teaching jewelry making to children throughout Sonoma and Marin Counties for the past 11 years. She would love to share her passion for jewelry making with your child.

    **Please have your child bring one special item for a re-purposing project . . . a found object, beach glass, a shell, a charm from an old piece of jewelry. Julia will help them make it into a pendant to incorporate into one of their finished pieces. This item will be used for the last project.

    TIME: 3:10pm to 4:10pm
    LOCATION: The Library
    COST: $170 (cost includes materials and facilities use fee)(6-week session)
    CONTACT: Julia Anthony, 707-364-1406, or juliabrandanthony@gmail.com
    TO ENROLL: Call or email Julia to register, and bring check to first class. Julia also accepts payment via Venmo (@julia-anthony-jewelry)


    Sonoma Jiu Jitsu - Intro to BJJ (grades 1–8)
    First class is October 24.  No class on November 7.

    Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is a self-defense martial art and combat sport based on grappling, ground fighting, and submission holds.  

    Our class is an inclusive space, open to all who are curious.  At Sonoma Jiu Jitsu we believe that developing the fundamentals is the key to the gentle art.  

    Students should bring water, comfortable clothes to move in with no buttons, zippers, or rivets. Class is held barefoot.

    Activities include: 
    Learning safe rolling skills, 
    Body Awareness, 
    Tapping - Learning how to stop play based on one's boundaries to keep themselves safe, 
    Learning to listen to and respect your partner and their boundaries, 
    ​How to control your body and your partner's body in close quarters.

    3:10 - 4:25pm
    The Lodge
     $150 (7-weeks)
    James Seitchik Sebastian (He/They) Parent of Bear in 1st grade
    Contact James at info@sonomajiujitsu.com or (415)608-5686

    Bang a Drum with Mr. T! (grades TK–8)
    First class is October 24

    Students will interlock rhythms in the traditions of West Africa, Brazil, Cuba and modern hip-hop. There will be an emphasis on fun. We aim to deepen our understanding of rhythm through hands-on experience. Please come! Bring your own drum/percussion instrument, or one will be provided for you.

    TIME: 3:10pm to 4:10pm
    LOCATION: Amphitheatre (behind Lodge)
    COST: $165 for 7 weeks, or $30 drop in rate. Half price for siblings.
    CONTACT: Trevor Kinsel at tkmusician@gmail.com or by phone at 415-225-0473.
    TO ENROLL: Contact Trevor at email or phone # listed above


    Clay Creations (grades 1–8)
    First class is October 25

    Come join Joan Lindt and PLAY WITH CLAY! During this hour and a half class, kids will learn hand building skills while creating new treasures that they will enjoy for years to come. The possibilities are endless and may include: bird's nests, fairy houses, pocket vases, flower pots, porcupine pencil holders, animals, or garden creatures. Your child can also make cups, bowls, plates, along with cars, trucks, and other fun vehicles. The projects are only limited by the imagination. Returning students will do projects of their choice. Max 12 students.

    TIME: 1:00pm to 2:30pm
    LOCATION: Art Room
    COST: $190 (6 weeks) (includes materials, facilities, and firing fees)
    CONTACT: Joan Lindt, joan@LLPM.com, or 415-847-7111. Call or email Joan to register. Joan accepts the following payments: cash, check, Venmo, and PayPal. Please pay in advance, or bring payment to the first class to secure your spot.

    Athlete Training (grades TK–8)
    ​First class is October 25

    This class starts with an active warm-up, then moves into several different sports during the program (basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc). Emphasis on kids learning to control mind and body as an athlete by pushing it to fail. Students then apply athleticism to their ability to listen for instructions, work on team building skills and an array of other drills, games, and activities.

    The Program and Coach Paige have been at Cherry Valley since 2011. The Program has many years of coaching and athletic experience. Coach Paige played basketball and baseball while at SSU and he became the 1st baseball player to ever receive Academic All American Honors and went on to play for the Philadelphia Phillies. He currently is the head coach of Santa Rosa High's Varsity baseball team and was recently inducted into the SSU Hall of Fame for both baseball and basketball. He is First Aid and CPR certified.

    TIME: 1:00pm to 2:00pm
    LOCATION: Black top (Liza to find a spot if raining)
    COST: $130 (7 week class) or $20 drop in
    CONTACT: The Program/Paige Dumont, baseketball21@mail.com707-758-4786


    Spanish Language & Culture (grades K-3)
    First class is October 26
    Taught by ‘Jurassic Dino World’ and ‘Let’s Go To Italy’ teacher (Matt), SPANISH LANGUAGE & CULTURE class will cover the basics of the language, and include fun, creative, hands-on craft projects that honor the cultures of both Mexico and Spain. More specifically, the first 20-30 minutes of each class will cover common Spanish phrases, basic nouns and verbs, and a range of practical vocabulary words. Then, in the second half of the class, the students will work on a FUN, guided craft project, like: building mini-Mayan and Aztec pyramids, making colorful mini-pinatas, collectively preparing (and eating) tacos, and doing artwork inspired by Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, and Antoni Gaudi. It’s gonna be a cultural blast! Sign your child up now to ensure a spot in this exciting new winter class for K-3rd graders!  

    TIME:  3:10 - 4:10pm
    LOCATION:  S1 (Mr. Ruddell's room)
    COST:  $168 (6-week class)(includes supplies, insurance, and facilities use fee)
    CONTACT:  Matt Reischling, marincounty@parker-anderson.org415-606-7477
    TO ENROLL:  To sign up for Spanish go to www.parker-anderson.org, create a username/password (if you haven't already), enter child info, find 'Cherry Valley' in drop down menu, click 'View Enrichment Programs,' click Spanish,' enter payment. If you have any questions with sign-up, email: marincounty@parker-anderson.org 

    Chess for Kids (grades K–6)
    First class is April 27

    All Levels of skill are welcome! Studies have found hidden rewards for students of chess: ~ Critical and logical thinking skills ~ Improved concentration, pattern recognition and memory. Our 8-week program will focus on the basic principles of the games. Beginning students are taught how the pieces move and the object of the game. Returning students from the previous year learn the tactics and strategies of winning chess games. The goals of the program are to improve concentration, focus, memory, and visualization.

    TIME: 3:10pm to 4:10pm
    LOCATION: The Lodge
    COST: $100 (6-week class). Siblings are half price.
    CONTACT: http://chessclubforkids.com/
    TO ENROLL: Register online at http://chessclubforkids.com. Bring payment the first day of class, or leave in folder in the office.