• Attendance Policy

    Attendance is the number one indicator of student success.

    It is important for students to be punctual and in regular attendance for 180 school days. We realize that students will miss school due to illness and occasionally, for other reasons.  The following absences will be recorded as excused  pursuant  to the amended Education Code 48205(a) 1-5:

    1. Illness
    2. Quarantine
    3. Medical Appointment  
    4. Attending a  funeral service for a family member
    5. Justifiable reasons (court subpoena, etc.)

    If a Student is Absent

    1. Each day a student is absent, the parent or guardian must call the RISE Academy office at 778-4793 and give the reason for the absence.
    2. If phone contact is not made, upon the student's return, the student must have a written note from a parent or guardian explaining the date(s) and reason for the absence.
    3. RISE staff will call home to notify families when students are absent from school.  If no one answers, a message will be left on answering machine if available.
    4. Absences not cleared within 3 days will be recorded as cuts.