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     Valley Oaks School, 540 Vallejo Street

    Petaluma  CA  94952

     Our VOS School Secretary: ________@PetK12.org   ...coming soon!

    ♦ Phone Number:  (707) 778 - 4794

    All staff members use the same phone number and it rings to one of the secretaries. 

    Although it is tempting to simply hit "redial" on your phone after one of us has called you, please do not use "redial" because it takes you to an inside line with no answering machine and additionally, it may not be picked up by a secretary if they are there.

     The best way to contact teachers is by email

    See our Staff Directory here for staff emails.

     Mailing Address:                                          

            Valley Oaks School                                                                   
            540 Vallejo Street
            Petaluma, CA 94952 

     Fax Number:
            (707) 778 - 4898