• Mathematics


    In our goal of developing effective communicators and critical thinkers, Petaluma City Schools students receive instruction in four critical areas:


    1) Concepts & Procedures  - Our students must be able to explain and apply math concepts and interpret, and carry out math procedures with precision and fluency.


    2) Problem Solving - Our students must be able to solve complex problems, and make productive use of mathematical knowledge and problem solving strategies.  


    3) Communicating Reasoning - Our students will clearly and precisely construct viable arguments to support their reasoning and critique the reasoning of others.  


    4) Modeling and Data Analysis - Our students can analyze complex, real-world scenarios and can construct and use math models to interpret and solve problems.  


    These four focus areas apply to all math curriculum.   


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  • Integrated Math Pathways


    Traditionally, students have been placed in courses that covered one specific area of mathematics such as algebra, geometry, etc. The new math course pathway in Petaluma City Schools district aligns with the integrated math pathway option in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the California Department of Education Math Framework.  The new courses will take key concepts that students learn in math and organize them into coherent and rigorous courses that better prepare students for college and careers post-graduation. These courses will offer students a greater opportunity for innovation and the ability to apply their learning to real-world problems. 


    PCS Integrated Math Pathways