• Discipline


  • Prevention and Intervention System 

    Prevention and Intervention System

    Universal Prevention 

    Strategies include, but not limited to: California Healthy Kids Survey, School Safety Plans, Drills, Student/Parent Handbooks, Newsletters, Websites, Campus and Noon Duty Supervisors, BEST Program, Orientations, Assemblies and presentations, Back-to School events, Link Crew, Safe School Ambassadors, Caring School Communities, Teacher/Parent Contact, Internet Safety Standards/Digital Citizenship, Provisions for a Safe Classroom

    Targeted Prevention and Intervention

    Strategies include, but not limited to: Discipline Referral System, Peer Mentoring, Academic Counselors, Challenge Days, Every 15 Minutes, Courage to Live, Caring School Communities Program, Student Study Teams (SST), Truancy Letters, School Attendance Review Team (SART), Student Assistance Program (SAP), Parent/Teacher/Admin. Conferences, Project Success, Mental Health Counselors, Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)

    Intensive Intervention

    Strategies include, but not limited to: School Attendance Review Board (SARB), Involuntary Transfer, Suspension, Expulsion