Physical Education

  • Kenilworth Junior High offers a high-quality physical education program that exposes students to a variety of fitness and skill-based activities.  Students engage in many traditional activities (basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc.) and non-traditional activities (rock climbing, archery, circus skills, etc.) in their two years.  


    For fitness, students run for time and distance, engage in agility drills, and ride spin bikes in our state-of-the-art fitness room.  In addition, they engage in a variety of strength building workouts for the lower body, core, and upper body including using our 21-station Cybex weight machine circuit!


    In 7th grade, students focus on individual and dual activities including rock climbing, jump rope, badminton, pickleball, takraw, circus skills, archery, and disc golf.  In the 8th grade, we have a team focus which includes throwing and catching skills, spikeball, lacrosse, football, basketball, softball, volleyball, and inter-class Olympic competition.  All students engage in dance (both line and partner) and self-defense both years in the program.

  • Physical Education at KJHS also enhances the mind.  All students are assessed both physically and in writing on a multitude of skills and cognitive concepts. We employ the use of technology in both the delivery of our curriculum and with student created projects and assessments.  


    Here at Kenilworth, we offer a top quality program delivered by top quality teachers.  We do all of this in a safe, positive, and friendly environment, and challenge all of our students to do the best - and BE the best - that they can be!