• Health Careers Pathway (HCP)

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  • The Health Careers Pathway (HCP) cluster prepares students to pursue a variety of careers in health, medical, sports medicine, public safety, and humanitarian fields. The HCP cluster also has longevity, continuity, and teachers with experience in the field.  HCP adds to students' breadth of literacy by including the medical terminology as well as the nonfictional writing and reading that takes place throughout their classes. During History classes, students are asked to synthesize and compare historical health events and the current health and welfare of our community. Students in the HCP cluster are encouraged to attend various events that introduce them to health career experiences through SRJC partnered summer institute programs as well as hands-on experiences in their science classes.  

    HCP Electives

    Anatomy & Physiology
    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Biology
    • A laboratory science course that presents the essential information for understanding structure and function of the human body.  It is the goal of the class to stimulate interest in the biological sciences, which will prepare the student for future careers.  It provides hands-on -training for laboratory and communication skills and applications that are used in health professions, such as first aid, CPR, AED (Automated External Defibrillator), and basic laboratory techniques.  This class will allow students to be informed consumers and better able to make educated decisions in life regarding scientific and environmental issues.  The course emphasizes the organization of the body; systems that cover, support, or move the body; systems that control through communications; systems that transport and protect; metabolic processing systems. and the cycle of life.  

    Clinical Biology
    This course introduces students to required skills and related issues associated with careers in the health and medical fields.  The focus is on teaching the foundations and career technical education standards for health sciences.  Course information covers the history of medicine, understanding health care principles, medical ethics, medical terminology, and the study of clinical diagnoses, diseases, and treatments.  Students learn hands-on skills such as first aid/CPR and clinical laboratory techniques. This course is appropriate for a broad spectrum of students with interests in health professions, whether attending a four-year university or community college program.  

    Sports Medicine Adv
    This course will focus on the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries.  Students will use that they have learned in Sports Medicine and apply it to real life situations.  Students will ensure that medical kits are stocked and will be assigned to a team.  Teams will travel to sporting events, and with supervision, will provide first aid as appropriate.  

    HCP Co-op ROP
    Prerequisite: Enrolled in Health Career Pathway cluster and completion of/or concurrent enrollment in Clinical Biology Applications
    This course provides students a combination of related classroom instruction and paid or unpaid instruction in a health careers setting.  Students will participate in internships that take place at helth/medical job sites while they receive related instruction at school.  Students in this course must work a minimum of 5 hours a week in a qualified health/medical setting and meeting with the course teacher once a week.  The classroom work includes issues of health laws, professionalism in the workplace, resume development, and basic safety in a health or medical work site.  

    This course is designed to help students become prepared for future careers in the health sciences.  The foundation of this class stems from the Health Occupations Students of America Organization that is endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education and is integrated in health science education throughout the country.  It connects core academic and career technical education standards (CTE) for Health Science and Medical Technology Sectors (HSMT).  The integration of these standards develops curriculum for students to gain knowledge, technical skills and leadership skills needed to be successful in health sciences.