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Kenilworth Student Wins First in State Film Festival

Student Kane Parsons and his teacher Laura Bradley at the California Student Media Festival  Kenilworth Junior High student Kane Parsons walked the red carpet at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 27th, when his original film Late for School won first place in the Middle School Craft Fiction category in the California Student Media Festival. He brought his three co-stars, Andrew Burger, Robert Cathcart, and Garret Christie with him, as well as his dad and his teacher, Larua Bradley.
Kane has been making and editing his own movies since he was very young, and he honed his skills last year in Isaac Raya's KTV Broadcast Media class. This year he continues to produce movies on his own and for Laura Bradley's KTV class. Kane's films have received acclaim in local festivals but this is the first time a Kenilworth student has had a film accepted into a state-wide festival.
Kane's film depicts a futuristic Earth that has been overtaken by an alien race. You can watch the full film below.