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AP Exam Update

On Thursday February 4th, we received an updated exam schedule from the College Board for test administration (Linked Here: 2021 AP Exam Calendar). Currently, our county is restrictive and we have been given a deadline from the College Board of March 12th to determine the best option for testing. In this update, schools were given three testing options and specific dates for each: digital at home, digital at school and paper/pencil. (These options apply to all tests except World Languages, for which the College Board has given a paper/pencil, in-person only option. More info to come on these particular exams in the coming weeks.) In order to provide flexibility for our students and families, both Casa Grande and Petaluma High have selected digital testing which allows students the opportunity to choose to test at home or on campus. Benefits to us utilizing the digital option are that we can appropriately and safely offer all of our students the opportunity to take the exam at either home or school. Should a student select to take the exam on campus, both high schools can provide a secure testing environment following county guidelines, reliable internet connections and technology troubleshooting. In conversation with our teachers, we recognize that this option also allows students more time to prepare for the exams while minimizing the number of tests students will be taking consecutively. Please note that some exams will be offered after the end of the PCS traditional school calendar due to the College Board's pre-set exam dates.

We feel confident that students will be able to successfully complete their AP exams given these two options. In the coming weeks, students will be asked to complete a survey where they will indicate which option they are committing to (taking the exam at home or on campus). Should you have any questions regarding the new testing administration process, please let Mrs. Azofeifa or your AP teacher(s) know.

At CGHS the testing dates will be as follows:

Exam  Date and Time
French Language May 10th, 8am
English Literature (12th) May 18th, 9am
Computer Science May 18th, 1pm
US History May 19th, 9am
US Government May 20th, 9am
Psychology May 20th, 1pm
Art + Design Portfolios Due by May 20th, 11:59pm
Spanish Language May 21st, 8am
English Language (11th) May 26th, 9am
Human Geography May 28th, 9am
Macroeconomics June 2nd, 1pm
Calculus AB and BC June 9th, 9am
Statistics June 10th, 1pm