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Advanced Placement (AP) Information and School Registration

Hello AP Families, Students and Teachers

Petaluma High School is committed to providing open access and opportunity for all students who choose to take on the challenge of Advanced Placement coursework. With the changes in our educational approach with Distance Learning, we want to ensure that our AP students will receive the educational experience they need to be best prepared for the scheduled Spring AP exams. In addition to our own review of materials and standards, Collegeboard has developed plans to provide the best opportunities for testing while focused on the essential standards of AP caliber coursework.

Last year we were introduced with tools provided by Collegeboard as part of their AP Classroom platform. This platform has allowed our teachers to develop curriculum, assessment and provide instructional tools to support the AP level instruction that our students receive. This year, Collegeboard has expanded this resource and our teachers have received training and support in an effort to maximize its function. Your student(s) access this through their instructor and by being enrolled in the AP classroom online. At this point in the semester, all students have received a unique join code for each course they are enrolled in and should already have access to the AP Classroom online. Enrollment to the AP Class ensures that each student is registered with Collegeboard and an exam is ordered for the course or courses they signed up for.

In this post we have provided some important information for the registration process and the payment options. In an effort to avoid confusion here is a summary of the steps needed for exam ordering.

***Very Important***  Student or Parents please fill out this form. 


1. Students are required to be registered with Collegeboard to order exams and join the online courses. 
  • Most of you have already done this step for SAT's or prior AP exams. 
2. Join the AP Classroom with Join Code. (Check with your student, this may already be completed) 
  • Through this process we have students join courses by getting the unique join code for each course they are registered to take. Their AP instructor provides the join codes and students will obtain a code for each course they are enrolled in. 
  • This process should have already taken place. Please ask your student to check their Collegeboard dashboard to ensure they have joined all of their courses.
  • When a student joins a course or multiple courses they are automatically designated as a test taker and a test will be ordered for them.
  • For the 2020-2021 school year, Collegeboard is waiving all cancellation fees due to Distance Learning. 

3. School Registration: 
  • Each year we ask our students to complete a school site registration form. We use this to document payments and confirm course enrollment. This year we are doing the same and have created a google form to help us register each student. 
  • By filling out this form you are also helping us organize each student for the most accurate documentation.  
  • ***Very Important***  Student or Parents please fill out this form.
* For families who prefer the pen and paper option. The PHS registration documents are attached to this email in English and Spanish.

  • Non-Reduced Fee: Each exam fee is $95
  • Reduced Fee: Students on the free or reduced lunch program - $53
  • The deadline to join a course is November 13. After this date, adding a course exam is an additional $40 per exam.
  • Seniors in AP Macro and AP Gov for the spring semester. You will be joining those courses in the spring. A different deadline applies.

This year we have flexibility in our payment deadline as Collegeboard is not charging students for canceling exams. Deadlines for payment are less restricted which allows us to accept payments over a longer time period. The payment window will open October 1st and will end March 12th. We understand that senior year in the fall can be quite expensive. This timeline allows many of our students and families the opportunity to save or choose a better time to make the payment. Given this, we encourage you to pay these exam fees sooner rather than later.

Two options for payment:

Non-Reduced Fee
1. Revtrak: Online payment system will be available starting October 1st-
2. In Person (cash or check only) - We request you print the registration document attached to this post. 

Reduced Fee
1. In Person only (cash or check only) - We request you print the registration document attached to this post. 

Any other payment concerns should be addressed to Mr. Napoli. email:  Office: 707-778-4651