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CAASPP Spring 2021 Testing Update

CAASPP testing is happening this year. Petaluma High School has worked to devise a testing schedule that minimizes the disruption to our students' classroom instructions time. As a result, CAASPP testing will take place remotely during Academic Time. Juniors will be taking the CAASPP in English Language Arts, Math, and Science.  Seniors will be taking the Science test this year due to the test's cancellation last year. Juniors and Seniors, testing schedules will be communicated to you via StudentSquare and through your teachers. 

If you would like to opt-out of testing, a parent/guardian must submit the following statement, including a handwritten signature and date:

I would like to opt-out my student, __________________, from Spring 2021 CAASPP testing in ELA, Math, and Science. 
Parent/Guardian Signature:
You have three options for submitting the note, which must include a handwritten signature:
  1. You can hand-write this note, sign and date it, then take a picture and email the picture to:
  2. You can type it out, sign and date it, then take a picture and email the picture to:
  3. You can send a hard copy of this note to Petaluma High School, c/o Suzie Andersen, 201 Fair Street, Petaluma, CA 94903, or drop it off at the SAC window Monday through Friday from 1 - 3PM.

For further information on CAASPP testing, please see the additional documents below:

Annual CAASPP Parent/Guardian Notification Letter in English and Spanish

Spring 2021 CAASPP Remote Testing Notification Letter in English and Spanish

CAASPP Parent/Guardian Information Website