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Two Important Deadlines for Students Fast Approaching

Principal Rebecca Lofton has two very important reminders for students.

1. Before the end of the semester, students need to turn in a Verification Form documenting that their 5 hours of mandatory community service for the semester has been completed. We are very happy that almost every student has either started their service hours or at least has described to their assigned teacher what they plan to do.

2. Digital Portfolios need to be polished and ready to present at our Open House on May 9, 2019. At this point in the year, students should have at least 2 assignments from September/October, posted on their website/portfolio. Additionally, the About Me page should be done and ideally, the Community Service page is underway. Remember, the instructions are on our school website under Academics, and all staff members are ready and willing to help you. We are very pleased that so many students are already experienced and comfortable using Google sites!