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Honor Roll Students for Fall 2018

Congratulations to senior Cece Illingworth, who earned a spot on the Honor Roll for last semester (Fall 2018)!

Here is the list of all the students who made the Honor Roll:

Abbi Grogan 3.68 (senior)

Cece Illingworth 3.19 (senior)

Michael Kofoid 3.41 (junior)

Michelle Mendoza 3.56 (senior)

Congratulations to all of our Honor Roll students!  Their photos are posted on the Honor Roll wall in building #1 - come check it out!

The requirements for the Valley Oaks Honor Roll and Principal's Honor Roll are here and in the Student Handbook under "Our School" in the menu bar.

As of January 2019, the new minimum GPA for Honor Roll is 3.5. It was 3.0. The new minimum GPA for Principal's Honor Roll is 3.9. It was 3.8.

Minimum GPA is not the only requirement for Honor Roll/Principal's Honor Roll.