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Principal's Honor Roll for Fall 2019

All eight students made the Principal's Honor Roll! We, unfortunately, had no students make the regular Honor Roll but we expect to have some for this spring 2020 semester!  Principal's Honor Roll requires a 4.0 GPA, whereas regular Honor Roll starts at a 3.5 GPA for the semester.

Besides GPA, a student's semester performance needs to meet other requirements.  Please read our Honor Roll requirements in our Handbook here.   

These are the names of our Principal's Honor Roll students for the Fall 2019 semester (Congratulations!!!):

1. sophomore Brenda

Amador, 4.0

2. junior Teja

Burgess, 4.0

3. senior Shelby

Curr, 4.0

4. sophomore Sofia

Doolittle, 4.0

5. senior Flynn

Loveless, 4.0

6. junior Channing

Matthews, 4.0

7. senior Althea

Patchett, 4.0

8. senior Jade

Polaski, 4.0