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Our Most Recent Graduate ~ Lydia Williams

Longtime VOS student, Lydia Williams graduated last month and celebrated with us at her Bell Ringing Ceremony.  She came to us from PJHS, spent all four years with us and ended with a cumulative 3.85 GPA.  You may know Lydia from The Phoenix where she has worked for at least the past 4 years.  Three of Lydia's family members and her boyfriend came to her Bell Ringing Ceremony.  We will miss Lydia and are hopeful that she will fulfill her dreams of becoming a veterinarian after attending the University of Colorado.

Our next students to graduate will be Loralai DePriest and Abbi Grogan - Congratulations!!!

These are the graduates that we have had so far this year in chronological order: 

Jacob Cafiero,

Kristin Ward,

Justine Barnes,

Deborah Arango,

Michelle Mendoza,

Lydia Williams,

LoraLai DePriest, and 

Cece Illingworth.