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Bright News! Student for March, Ian Peracca

Sophomore Ian Peracca was unanimously chosen by all staff members to be our March Bright News! student. Ian was given a candy lei and his photo is now hanging on our Bright News! wall. All staff created a Bright News! letter that was mailed to his family. We are proud of you, Ian! All students who have demonstrated academic excellence in the past month are discussed at staff meetings and one is chosen to be honored. Our Bright News! form letter is here and is posted on our school website under "Counselor".

For this school year, 2018/2019, we have had the following students chosen for the Bright News! Letter:

Sept. = Kristine Ward,

Oct. = Cole Charbonnier,

Nov. = Jacob Cafiero,

Dec. = Marissa Barredo,

Jan. = Jacqueline Jones,

Feb. = Charlene Campton, and

Mar. = Ian Peracca.