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Bright News! student for MAY, Brenda Amador

For our last month, Mid-April to Mid-May, we were very happy as a staff to unanimously decide that Freshman Brenda Amador was to be our May Bright News! student.  Brenda was given a candy lei and her photo will hang on our Bright News! wall for the next year (until the May 2020 student goes up).  All staff created a Bright News! letter that was mailed to Brenda's family.  We are proud of you, Brenda!  

For the 2018/2019 school year, we had the following students chosen for the Bright News! Letter:

Sept. = Kristine Ward,

Oct. = Cole Charbonnier,

Nov. = Jacob Cafiero,

Dec. = Marissa Barredo,

Jan. = Jacqueline Jones,

Feb. = Charlene Campton,

Mar. = Ian Peracca,

April = Channing Matthews, and

May = Brenda Amador.