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2019 Virtual Science Fair Winners

Congratulations to Henry Wilson whose science fair project was chosen by the judges this summer to be the first place winner in the 2019 VOS Virtual Science Fair. All students had to create an online science fair project journal for the duration of their 3 or 4 month-long project, a 3-panel poster board, a video presentation, and a slide for the Virtual Fair. All projects had to use the Engineering Design Process. Henry's project was noteworthy according to judges' comments in that all four categories of his project were exemplary and he had multiple prototype improvements.

  • 1st - Henry Wilson for Skate Shoe Protector
  • 2nd - Channing Matthews for Tuff Glove
  • 3rd - Harland McCready for Quackers
  • 4th - Devin Jones for The Flips & Flops of Spatulas
  • 5th - Teja Burgess for The Perfect Solar Cooker
  • 6th - Brenda Amador for Brother's Toy Car
  • Honorable Mention - Althea Patchett for Reading Aloud vs. Reading Silently
  • Honorable Mention - Kayley Kroyer for The Perfect Vegetable Pot

Congratulations to all these students for completing this extensive project! Four other students attempted but were missing one of the four categories of the project.

Please go to Mrs. Parker's website to visit the Virtual Science Fair.