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Bright News! Student for January/February ~ Brenda Amador

Sophomore Brenda Amador was unanimously chosen by all staff members to be our Bright News! student.  A candy lei was presented and photo taken which is now hanging on our Bright News! wall in building #1. All staff created a Bright News! letter that was mailed home. We are proud of you! All students who have demonstrated academic excellence in the past month are discussed at staff meetings and one is chosen to be honored. Our Bright News! form letter is posted on our school website:


Bright News!  

                                              Date ________________

Dear Parent/Guardian:  ______________________________ was mentioned during our most recent Student Review discussion.

We know that the curriculum we present is challenging and appreciate the hard work required for students to do well on assignments. Your child’s performance in recent weeks has been particularly impressive and so we have taken this opportunity to let you know how proud we are.  The staff listed below wanted to pass along specific positive comments that were made about progress, effort, and achievements.

□  Ms. Abelli-Amen      □  Ms. Garcia          □  Ms. Halsey  □ Ms. Kesseru         □  Ms. Parker         □ Ms. Susan Cook  □ Ms. Lofton, principal              □ Ms. Leigh, counselor      □ Mr. Smith, assistant principal           

{a blank half page for staff to write their personal notes to the family}

We are very happy to have your child at our school and thank you for your efforts to help them be successful!

The Staff at Valley Oaks