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2017 Community Achievement Awards

APRIL 7, 2017 -- Petaluma, CA


The 58th Annual Herold Mahoney Family Community Achievement Awards were held on April 4, 2017 at the Petaluma Community Center.  Petaluma City Schools Superintendent Gary Callahan welcomed the audience of students, their families, community members and donors, by acknowledging the legacy of the Mahoney Family and honoring Connie Mahoney, who passed away in 2016.  Superintendent Callahan shared that Mahoney had been the first in her family to graduate from college, and went on to have an impactful career as an educator, with several years of service as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Petaluma City Schools.


Nearly 60 years ago, Connie Mahoney asked the question, "What programs are there to honor high academic achievement?" This essential question led to the institution of the Community Achievement Awards that have awarded approximately $500,000 to Petaluma students over 58 years.  


Master of ceremonies Sara Brandenberg facilitated the evening with poise and humor.  The high school principals (Erica Backman, Casa Grande; David Stirrat, Petaluma High; Dr. John Walker, St. Vincent de Paul) each gave an address extolling the virtues of these top academic achievers from their respective schools.  Their remarks were nothing short of inspirational and provided much optimism for a future that will benefit from these talented, innovative, intelligent and dedicated young people.  


Each senior being recognized was awarded a $500 scholarship from a donor/organization who presented the award, sharing a brief bio about the student, and the student's future plans.  The feelings of pride and appreciation in the room were palpable, displaying what an incredible place Petaluma is to learn, grow and achieve.   


Casa Grande High School Class of 2017 Award Recipients

Casa Grande senior award recipients

Nicolas Carballal, Jessica Tang, Salem Ali, Holly Keaton, Jennifer Evans, Natalie Micco, Allie Rones, Anne Gallo, Joseph Chavez, Tia Bentivegna, Josiah Huse, Omar Khan (listed in class-rank order)


Petaluma High School Class of 2017 Award Recepients 

Petaluma High senior award recipients

Anneliese Wolf, Camille Leoni, Phoebe Goulden, Helena Abbott, Amy Ferrick, Sarah Jane Catarozoli, Nathan Irwin, Jordan Santia, Gina Maddalena, Edyn Garvisch (listed in class-rank order)


Casa Grande High School Class of 2018 Award Recipients 

Casa Grande junior award recipients

Sal Giridhar Nadendla, Diana Pacheco-Garcia, Ariana Robertson, Alexis Frias, Hugo Michielsen Cerdan Skyler Genelly, Ophelia Chiang, Manas Varma, Siena Wigert, Jacob Anderson (listed in class-rank order) 


Petaluma High School Class of 2018 Award Recipients

Petaluma High junior award recipients

Emanuel Seitz, Daniel Marzo, Nicole Walker, Lila Singh, Liza Strong, Sallie Hollingshead, Annika Schmid, Ata Shaheen, Sicily Barry, Madeline Abramson, Hayden Dennis, Madeline Gamlen (listed in class-rank order)


Casa Grande High School Class of 2019 Award Recipients

Casa Grande sophomore award recipients

Moyuan Zhou, Dylan Santa, Shreyas Kompalli, April Lu, Belen Altamirano, Jarod Spangler, Lance Sunshine, Kevin Cadle, Samveda Rukmangadhan, Hannah Keaton, Alissa Millar (listed in class-rank order)


Petaluma High Class of 2019 Award Recipients 

Petaluma High sophomore award recipients

Tallulah Lefkowitz, Christina Lang, Ethan Shahbazian, Nicole Efstahiu, Camille Flynn, Lillian Catarozoli, Sydney Dennis, John Candau, Hannah Hermann, Anton Horvath (listed in class-rank order)