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Simplified Log In

Students can access McGraw Hill (Wonders, Everyday Math etc.) digital resources through the Clever portal or the McGraw Hill Simplified Login portal for your school.  The Simplified Login portal provides an easier log in procedure (select their name; use password of number, shape, picture) which is especially helpful for our younger students.  Students can access their accounts with either procedure.  There is a link to the Simplified Login portal on the student's iPad home screens.  
Below are some details and helpful resources for using the McGraw Hill Simplified Login.
Important Details
  • This only needs to be set up in one program,  Wonders is suggested.
    • The one Simplified Login portal for your class will take students to their McGraw Hill account with all available content (Everyday Math, Wonders, Maravillas etc.).
  • Here is an example of the class naming convention for your courses that synchronize with Aeries: 127_2026:Granger, S.  In the portal, students will look for text in this format and the icon that you selected when enabling Simplified Login.  Classes with other names are created by teachers, and won't synchronize to the rosters in Aeries.   
Helpful Resources
  • Simplified Login Documentation (How to enable this and print passwords)
  • Simplified Login Videos:
  • The first parts of these videos show the setup process. The second parts don't fully apply to our setup.
Please submit a TechTicket if you need help with this process or if the system does not seem to be functioning as expected.