6-4-19: Joint Negotiations Update from PCS and PFT

June 4, 2019


PCS Certificated Staff Members,


We hope that you all had a nice training yesterday and are enjoying the start to your well-deserved break!


On Tuesday, June 4, 2019, the negotiations teams from the Petaluma Federation of Teachers and the school district held a negotiations session as we work towards a 2019 and beyond contract.


At this point, we have reached a Tentative Agreement on the following open articles:

  • Article V E - Certificated Special Assignments - An agreement that all new special assignments will be negotiated

  • Article V H - Salary Schedule Placement - An agreement on how we place CTE teachers on the salary schedule

  • Article VI A - Work Year - An agreement about scheduling work days and PD days

  • Article VI H - Secondary - An agreement to clean up language around zero period

  • Article VI I - Class Size - An agreement to establish a Special Education sub-committee

  • Article XI J - Class Size - An agreement to establish an Alternative Education sub-committee

  • Article XX - Shared Decision Making - An agreement to jointly plan and present a Shared Decision Making workshop to all sites before October 31, 2019


In addition, salary proposals were exchanged today. Our next negotiations session will be on June 12, 2019. We look forward to continuing our work together as we serve the students of Petaluma City Schools.


Have a wonderful rest of your week,

Sandra Larsen, PFT President and Matthew Harris, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources