Negotiations Update: November 15, 2019

We have some good news we wanted to be sure to share with you. On Tuesday, November 13, 2019, the Board of Education approved the Tentative Agreement reached between the Petaluma Federation of Teachers and our school District.

Effective today, the updated salary schedules will be on our District Website. Your new salary will be reflected on your November pay warrant and you will receive your retro check on December 10th.

The retro check will be the difference between your new salary and your previous salary for the months of August, September, and October (and July if you receive 12-checks due to being a year-round employee). Please note that just like your monthly pay warrants, taxes and STRS will be deducted from the retro check.

We want to take a moment to thank the members of both negotiations teams for their hard work getting this done!

Thank you for all that you do,

Sandra Larsen, PFT President and Matthew Harris, Assistant Superintendent of HR