Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas 

Posted by Shannon Britten on 2/8/2021

Book cover Cemetery Boys

"Yadriel, a trans boy, summons the angry spirit of his high school's bad boy, and agrees to help him learn how he died, thereby proving himself a brujo, not a bruja, to his conservative family." - from Sonoma County Library

I've been listening to this as an audio book during my commute to PHS, and not only do I love the story of Yadriel trying to prove his brujo magic, but I love the way the narrator brings each character's personality to life, from determined Yadriel, to his spunky cousin Maritza, to bad boy (and newly dead) Julian, to Yadriel's entire family. 

You can check out a physical copy from the public library, or download the eBook or eAudiobook on Libby/Overdrive